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Avoid Bugs and Beat the Blues with a Sunroom

Patio Enclosures Screen Room and Patio Cover

Few things are as enjoyable as an unhurried summer lunch on a garden patio or a drawn-out dinner under the colorful palette of an evening sky. Unless of course, the flies want your lunch and the mosquitoes are having you for dinner. These good times soon end as the fleeting days of summer give way to earlier sunsets and cooler temperatures. Eventually, outdoor furniture is moved into storage and families begin their retreat indoors to batten down for the long, cold winter. But, this year can be different. Bugs will not be invited to dine with you. And, at summer's end, your family will no longer be banished to roam within the dimly lit walls of your winter fortress. This year, you can relax and take your meals in full view of nature's splendor, savoring every morsel as golden leaves descend from the sky and turn to traces of snow blowing about the yard.

Not Your Father's Sunroom

Far from the standard aluminum and screen "bug catcher" boxes that were hitched onto the backs of our parent's homes decades ago, sunrooms are now built to accommodate every conceivable lifestyle, budget, architecture and taste. For those who plan a sunroom addition wisely, the versatility and value of their purchase can produce immediate, lasting and healthy benefits in their daily lives. One key benefit of a sunroom is the natural sunlight that envelopes and lifts occupants from the dreaded "blahs"— the temporary symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) that set in due to decreased sunlight in the winter. Lifting spirits even higher is the fact that sunrooms can provide a healthy increase in a home's resale potential, especially in regions like the Midwest.

Three Season Rooms

Patio Enclosures Three Season Sunroom

If you simply want an outdoor retreat during the nice weather months, a screen room might be the right fit for you. But to get even more out of your enclosure, you can upgrade to a single-paned glass and screen enclosure that will extend the sunroom's use. Glass windows and doors can be opened, giving the owner flexibility as the weather changes. The benefits and advantages of a three season room are worth exploring in the planning process. You may be surprised to find that this room would be perfect for your lifestyle!


A Room for All Seasons

If you are looking to expand your home in way that can be used year-round, an insulated enclosure or solarium may be the perfect fit for you. Year-round sunrooms and solariums are equipped with double-paned insulated glass and thermally efficient framing. These features, used in conjunction with a dedicated heating and cooling system, make the all season room usable almost every day of the year.

Year round sunrooms room

A Room With a View

Solariums are very unique sunrooms that not only have glass walls, but are built with all-glass roofs as well, giving you views of the sky and the stars at night. These rooms contain double-paned glass with aluminum frames which make them suitable for year-round use. These sunrooms offer the best view of the outdoors and are also the most expensive type of sunroom.

Shopping for Price vs. Shopping for Quality

Sunroom prices can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Adding a permanent addition and/or structure to your home is a serious endeavor and you need to consider the possible consequences of "going cheap" or "cutting corners." In times like this, "The Three Little Pigs" should be required reading.

Some sunroom suppliers purchase standard-sized components such as doors and windows from other manufacturers and then use "fill" to create the appearance of a custom sunroom. This approach can lead to an irregular look that doesn't blend with the rest of the home. Consider this point carefully when choosing your sunroom company.

The best value for your money is a custom-manufactured sunroom or solarium. These are designed for each specific customer taking many factors into account such as the existing house, customer taste, budget, intended use and available space. All Patio Enclosures sunrooms and solariums are custom manufactured, which means walls and windows (regardless of cost or style), are custom cut to size at no extra cost. By investing effort in precision measurement methodologies and quality control during manufacturing, Patio Enclosures' installation crews can eliminate the need for fill material and end up spending less time on the job site. This helps keep costs and prices low.

A Room to Build a Dream On

Three season room

You can add just about anything imaginable to your sunroom. Fountains, jacuzzis, pool tables and ceiling fans are just a few of the items that can bring your room to life. Add a bronze tint to your glass for UV protection and to reduce solar heat gain, making you more comfortable and reducing your energy costs. The bronze tint also helps prevent your carpets and furnishings from fading. Many leading furniture manufacturers now use fade-resistant fabrics which offer buyers more choices than ever before. Due to the amount of glass that is present in a sunroom, it is important that the glass also be tempered as a safety precaution. In addition to improving the strength of the glass, tempered glass breaks into smooth, pebble like pieces if broken instead of sharp shards that can injure occupants.


Window to the World

Overall, sunroom ownership can be a rewarding experience that improves your lifestyle and increases the long-term value of your home. Sunroom planning and purchasing needs to be approached thoughtfully with an eye towards quality.

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