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Decorating Your Home for the Winter Months

January 21, 2015 Categories: Home Renovation Tips

solarium home addition

In this post you will learn ...

  • Tips for creating a functional entertaining space
  • Simple and easy winter decorating ideas to add warmth and cheer to your space
  • Keep it Green - Winter is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of nature

Every year, you decorate your house for the winter with decorations you've accumulated over time and your Holiday photos are similar year after year. Escape the winter decorating doldrums by doing something completely different that will make your winter months unique and cheerful.

A Functional Space for Entertaining

For many of us, the winter months are about celebrating with our family and friends. And that means house space is at a premium. Holiday dinners and parties often stretch your house to its max capacity. Make the most of every bit of space, especially your all season room or sunroom.

Instead of crowding all of your guests into your kitchen or dining room, set up a long, rustic table in your enclosed patio. Decorate it with fresh greens and candles. Not only does this give you and your guests a warm and inviting space to celebrate and dine, it also provides a definitive separation for the chaos of what's happening throughout the rest of the home.

Warmth and Cheer

How to decorate your home in the winter. What better way to celebrate the cozy winter months then by accenting your windows and doors with wreaths? Simply hang them from ribbons for a great holiday decoration. Your wreaths don't need to be extravagantly decorated; even the plainest wreath will make your space look festive. Just imagine how stunning your home will look with a simple green wreath on each and every window.

Decorating for warmth and comfort is another great way to enjoy your porch throughout the winter months. A wonderful addition for cooler sunrooms is an electric fireplace. Not only will it keep your space comfortably warm, it provides the extra ambiance needed to make your room truly cozy during the winter.

Keep it Green

The main advantage of having an all season room or enclosed patio is being able to experience the beauty of nature from inside your home. The best way to appreciate the outdoors in winter is by decorating your space naturally. This lets you enjoy nature responsibly, even in the winter months.

Adding small trees and large potted plants helps to bring nature inside. Fresh balsam flecked throughout a room brings the scent of the season indoors. Add some fresh evergreens on a fireplace mantle or across a table to maximize the fragrance of winter throughout your home.

Christmas trees are festive additions to as well. There is much debate on whether an artificial or live tree is more eco-friendly. It's important to know that if you choose a live tree that it comes from a tree farm, where a tree is planted for each harvested in order to sustain business. Remember to recycle Christmas trees instead of simply throwing them out with the trash to clog our landfills. Many cities offer tree recycling programs, check with your local municipality for availability.

Don't forget the wildlife! Make sure birds and squirrels aren't forgotten in the winter. Leave out suet balls for birds and a wide variety of seeds and nuts for squirrels so they can thrive throughout the winter months as well. This ensures you can view them playing on your porch or patio all winter and watch them from the warmth of your sunroom.

So don't just close off your enclosed porch or sunroom this winter and forget about it until spring! It's designed to give you an extra living space that's functional, festive and fun. Enjoy the winter months in comfort, with the scenery of the season as a backdrop for your family gatherings or even for a quiet, cozy respite by yourself.

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