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Green Sunrooms

December 01, 2011 Categories: Home Renovation Tips Sunrooms

Blache Garcia LEED AP, ASID
Certified Interior Designer

"Going green" has become a buzz phrase and I'm happy about that. As "green" becomes a style statement, it raises awareness among people that otherwise might not have accepted its priorities. A green life is not as difficult as you may think. Start off small and before you know it, it will become second nature. By living green in your sunroom, you'll feel good about your home and yourself.

Patio Enclosures sunrooms are 98 percent recyclablePrecycling is a term that describes avoiding items that generate waste, selecting items that generate less waste and acquiring items that can be reused. Your sunroom is made with materials that are 98% recyclable, which helps lighten your home's environmental footprint. Inside your sunroom, use carpet remnants as area rugs. Not only are they cheaper, but most carpet stores have them in-house and will cut them to irregular sizes. Put a carpet area rug in your sunroom for young kids to play on.

Conserve resources by shopping locally for products and decorative items and minimize the resources (gas and oil) and pollution (exhaust) used to get products into your sunroom. Patio Enclosures uses wood alternatives (vinyl and aluminum) to construct your sunroom and apply paint finishes in their factory for more control and less waste.

Use alternative lighting like wax candles (soy wax or bees wax) for relaxing evenings in your sunroom. The scents from these candles are from natural oils instead of synthetic chemicals. During the day, your sunroom's edge to edge glass promotes "daylighting" - the use of natural light to cut your energy bills.

Patio Enclosures Sunroom - Plants Add To Natural FeelFresh air coming in from your sunroom's open windows and screens helps liven up a room. Plant fragrant flowers outside your windows to enjoy pleasing natural aromas instead of using store-bought scented sprays. Most of these sprays use nonrecyclable packaging and chemical ingredients iin the freshener and the packaging. These toxic chemicals accumulate in carpet over time, which put you, children and pets at risk.

Choose energy-efficient options like Patio Enclosures Earth Smart™ eco-friendly products and features. Retain heated and cooled air with an air-tight interlock door seal. Patio Enclosures sunrooms are known to be among the most energy efficient in the industry.

Enjoy your sunroom. Take pride in your green choices and the difference they make in your life and environment.

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