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How to Add Valuable Space to Your Home



In this post, you will learn…

  • How a sunroom or screen room addition can add usable space to your home
  • Home improvement ideas to create the perfect room
  • What type of room addition will suit your need

If you’d like to add space to your home, you have a couple of options: sell your home and move to a larger one, or extend your living space with a room addition. Moving means the hassle of selling, looking for the perfect new home and more money out-of-pocket. For an easier solution to your crowded home problem, consider a home renovation project that will increase your living space while still letting you stay in the home where you have so many memories.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Screen Room

Whether you're in need of a workout room, a home office, a spa or a craft room, adding an affordable and functional space to your home is easier than you think. One option for a room addition is a screen room. A screen room is a great home renovation addition if you want to enjoy your natural surroundings. And, it lets you fully appreciate the beauty of nature without bothersome bugs or critters.

A screen room makes an excellent oasis for plants and pets. Because it is still mildly protected from the outdoor elements, your plants will thrive with boundless sunlight in a screen room. And your pets will love the freedom they have feeling protected in their home but still being able to enjoy the smells, sights and sounds of the outdoors.

Do you love going to a relaxing spa? Create your own in-home spa by simply adding a hot tub to your screen room. Since the room is well-ventilated, the possibility for molding and steaming issues that often occur when hot tubs are installed indoors is greatly decreased. Now you have a personal spa at your fingertips.

Perhaps the best part of a screen room is its affordability and simple build. There are even three color options (white, sandstone and bronze) to perfectly match any home décor.

Extending Your Home with a Three or Four Season Room

For a home renovation project that truly extends your home, choose a three or four season room. The benefits you'll see after adding one of these room additions will leave you wondering how you ever lived without one!

Three Season Room

Three season rooms are ideal if you need extra space for a bar, game room or craft room. It allows you to enjoy nature in the comfort of the indoors during the spring, summer and fall. It can also be a great playroom for kids if you live in a more temperate climate with mild winter months. You can customize your three season room with a variety of options including three different colors and the option for an elite sunroom. The elite sunroom is a great choice for windier areas, as it's rated draft and weather resistant. It also has our dual-point locking system to provide you with maximum security and peace of mind.

Four Season Room

If you're looking for a home renovation idea that your family can enjoy all year long, a four season room may be the ideal fit for you. Great as a home office or exercise room, four season rooms are intended for year-round use, and are designed to be heated and cooled. Because the four season room is so temperate, you can work out comfortably in your exercise room any time of the year. Imagine exercising in the comfort of your home, in a dedicated space, without spending tons of extra money on gym memberships.

You can choose a vinyl or aluminum constructed four season room in either white or sandstone, with bronze being an additional color option for aluminum four season rooms. The possibilities are endless when creating the perfect space for your home with a sunroom addition.

Are you ready to create your perfect space? Schedule your free, in-home estimate online, or call us at 1-800-230-8301 today!

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