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Can you paint vinyl siding?

July 20, 2012 Categories: Rejuvenate Your Home

Painting your sidingWhen it comes to your home’s exterior, (depending on the materials you’re working with) there aren’t always many options available to update its appearance. This is often a concern with vinyl siding. Home owners want to know, “Can I paint vinyl siding?” And they’re often surprised to hear that the answer is yes! However, vinyl can present several challenges where types of paint, cost and maintenance are concerned. For instance, vinyl expands and contracts with heat and it doesn’t take well to all types of exterior paint. It’s also a somewhat laborious process and can take days to complete.

But don’t let that dismay you.

Painting your home’s vinyl siding has benefits. It’s a relatively quick and easy way to update your home’s exterior appearance. Let’s face it, beige vinyl is boring. Think how chic your home would look with ecru or slate gray siding.

Plus, if your vinyl siding has recently experienced weather damage or fading, you can restore it back to its original appearance. And, according to Benjamin Moore®, you can actually “protect your siding with the latest coating technology and quality paint products.” If you’re considering painting your home’s vinyl siding, read through this guide for information about the types of paint you should use and some other helpful maintenance tips.

Selecting Paints

Selecting PaintYou’ll need paint that is specifically formulated for vinyl applications. These usually contain a blend of urethane and acrylic resins. Benjamin Moore® and Sherwin Williams® both carry paints that are made specifically for vinyl siding.

Benjamin Moore® provides paints with excellent adhesion and durability. Personally, I would recommend Sherwin Williams’ line of VinylSafe™ Colors for Vinyl Siding. Their color technology provides a solution to yet another problem home owner’s face when painting their vinyl siding: color limitations.

It’s long been recommended that you paint your vinyl siding only in colors that are the same shade or lighter as your current siding. Because of thermal expansion (vinyl expands and contracts in high temperatures), the paint can crack and peel. If you have a darker color on top of your beige vinyl siding and it cracks, it looks really unsightly and is difficult to camouflage.

With that said, Sherwin Williams’ line of paint provides a great color selection and promises “excellent performance on vinyl without buckling—even when using a dark color.” So, go where you have more options that provides more flexibility in your paint selection.


The good news is that painting your vinyl siding is relatively inexpensive. If you have the proper tools and experience, it is a task that you could handle yourself. The costs incurred will include the paint, cleaning supplies and a power washer. It will cost you upwards of $300 for the paint and cleaning supplies (for a 1000 sq. ft. home), plus the cost of renting ladders/scaffolding, and a power washer. The average 1000 sq.ft. home will require about 6-8 gallons of paint.

Steps to Paint Vinyl Siding

Sunroom AdditionPainting your vinyl siding involves three main steps: preparing, washing and painting. With able-bodied help, this project could be completed in one weekend. If you’re doing this alone, this could take several days to complete.

  1. Spot clean the vinyl siding with vinyl siding cleaner, taking care to remove all signs of dirt, bugs, tree sap and mildew.
  2. Rinse with a hose or pressure washer and let the siding dry completely.
  3. Apply one coat of paint from top to bottom, using long, even strokes that move lengthwise along the vinyl siding. Let dry completely and then apply a second coat to ensure even coverage.

It’s important to pay attention to weather conditions before you paint your vinyl siding. While you’ll want to avoid painting during a rainy day, you’ll equally want to avoid painting on a sunny hot day. Instead, choose a day when it’s overcast and cool. This is the best condition in which to paint your vinyl siding as your paint has a better chance of adhering thoroughly and drying completely.

Some Maintenance Tips

Vinyl Sunroom Picture

  • Cleaning vinyl siding and spot-cleaning (if necessary) each spring, helps your paint job last much longer.
  • Repaint your home every 7-10 years. You may have to do it more often if you live in a climate with extreme temperatures.

After you’re done giving your vinyl siding a facelift, you might want to consider adding a gorgeous vinyl sunroom addition to your home. Patio Enclosures by Great Day Improvements offers a wide selection of Patio Enclosures to choose from, all of which are custom built to suit your needs and budget.

Hope these tips help. Good luck with your project! Stop back and leave us some feedback about your project.

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