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How to Enclose a Patio, Porch or Deck

White Aluminum Frame Sunroom with Gable Roof

Have you been thinking that life in the slow lane could get even better if you enclosed your existing patio, porch or deck? There are several options available… now is as good a time as any to kick back and explore them.

First, though, let’s explore your motives for wanting to enclose your deck or patio. Basically, is it the bugs, the wind and weather, or the hot sun that you’re reacting to? All are legitimate, logical reasons for putting up some kind of see-through barrier between you, the insects, and the elements. But they are all quite different in their function, cost, and effects:

Types of Patio and Deck Enclosures

Screen Rooms, Screen Enclosures Picture

Screen Rooms

The room you create by attaching screens all around your deck or patio will give you the most intimacy with the beauty that surrounds you. Insects will stay out, but the breeze and natural ambiance will remain unhampered. If you choose black aluminum for the screens, and they’ll be practically invisible.

Three Season Sunroom Picture

Three Season Rooms

Depending on where you live, this type of sunroom should be comfortable during every season but winter. You can choose between single or double-pane glass, according to your needs and budget. This type of patio or deck enclosure is not meant to be climate controlled; a simple ceiling fan should do just fine.

Four Season Room Picture

Four Season Rooms

Framed-in glass transforms your deck or patio area into an enticing, weather resistant and bug-free sunroom you can enjoy all year long. Give it some double-pane glass walls with insulation and a full-out climate control system, and you’ve just built yourself a brand new living area which might become your all-time favorite.

Solariums, Glass Room Picture


Vastly popular with the sun-worshipping crowd, and just as fashionable with stargazers, the solarium is a room that’s covered, head to toe, roof to walls, with glass, wonderful glass. You and yours will be able to take in not only the warm sun and blue sky just outside, but also the inspiring wheel of ever-changing constellations above at night.

Sunroom Comparisons

Screen Room

Usually less expensive, no insects, zero glare from black-screened panels, provides the most fresh air and immediate contact with exterior ambience.

Very little protection from the weather.

Three Season Room

Second-most economical of the four, no insects, no wind, usually very comfy.

Uncomfortable during inclement weather and unsuitable for ongoing climate control.

Four Season Room

Accommodates a complete climate-control system and is suitable for all climates, this room is useful all year long.

More expensive than #1 and #2.


With a roof made of glass, just as the walls are, the solarium user can feel completely surrounded by nature without having to deal with any of its annoyances.

More expensive than #1 and #2

Engaging the Imagination

There are sophisticated software programs available that will allow you to fiddle with different design ideas to your heart’s content. But one of the easiest ways to approach the design phase, however, is to get a notebook and pencil and simply let your imagination soar. Try drawing any design your creative side can come up with. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Draw the room with windows interrupted by walls and columns
  • Draw the room with windows held in place only by slim metal frames
  • Draw the room with a see-through roof made of glass
  • Draw the room with a cathedral ceiling, a straight roof, or a mildly angled one

The more you let yourself dream during this initial stage, the more you’ll find yourself honing in on the patio/deck enclosure that will be ideal for you.

A Few Things to Consider


sunroom flooringSeveral choices will confront you while deciding on a choice of flooring. If you choose insulated flooring in order to create an four season sunroom, you’re opting for a difficult, tedious job. On the other hand, choosing a simple concrete pour could be one of the easiest tasks involved. And then there’s everything in between. See Patio Enclosures’ detailed page on flooring for a great list of options.


Wicker FurnitureWhen it comes time to choose your furniture, you’ll need to decide who will want to use your new sunroom and for what activities. Next, give each of those activities a number in order of importance, and then set aside areas of the room for them. Get out that pad and pencil again and start sketching. See Patio Enclosures’ detailed page on furniture to plan your sunroom’s furniture design, as well as tips on other subjects, such as your color palette, budget, and floor plan.

Window Treatments

window treatmentsWindows are the stars of the show in any sunroom. Today’s window treatments can enhance a room more than perhaps any other element. Here, too, you’ll be faced with lots of options. See a handy, brief outline of them on Patio Enclosures’ sunroom window treatments webpage.


Patio Enclosures In-Home Design ConsultationEverything that determines the final cost of your beautiful new sunroom enclosure depends on just one thing: You. What do you have to have, what do you dream of having, and what kind of funds do you have to work with? These questions are all completely personal. You can find estimates online, but they differ wildly, due to the cornucopia of options available today. See Patio Enclosure’s summary on the cost of a sunroom addition.

Once you’ve enclosed your patio or deck with the method of your choice, you’ll have created a brand new room addition for your living space, one that may just become your go-to retreat for carefree rest, play, and rejuvenation.

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