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What are the Benefits of Adding a Sunroom?

Blog Post Updated on: March 19, 2019

Benefit of a sunroom

In this post, you will learn…

  • The many benefits of adding a Patio Enclosures sunroom to your home
  • How to best utilize your sunroom — inspiring sunroom ideas

A sunroom is the perfect solution for adding functionality, value and space to your home. Sunrooms not only provide numerous sources of enjoyment, but will also increase the value of your home without putting a big dent in your pocketbook. Sunrooms are affordable, and they are by far one of the most cost-effective home improvement projects. This type of addition offers many options that will greatly benefit your home.

three season sunroom

Increase Home Value

As everyone knows, adding square footage, as well as functional space, adds value to your home. A study for the National Association of Realtors estimated that every 1,000 square feet added to a home increases its sale price by at least 30 percent. And, sunrooms are popular and highly versatile. A Patio Enclosures customer in Branchburg, NJ, said, “We loved our enclosure so much that we added one to our new home. The buyers of our prior home indicated that the room was one of the reasons they bought our old house.”

A sunroom also increases home value by enhancing its curb appeal. Whether in the front, back or on the side, a sunroom can be designed to complement your home’s exterior. Besides being more cost-effective to add than a traditional addition, sunrooms offer more versatility and let you connect the outdoors with indoor comforts.

Add More Functional Space

Sunrooms have the potential to offer much more than a traditional home addition, with openness and visibility being two main appeals. Whether you add a Patio Enclosures screen room, three-season or four-season room to your home, you’ll be able to enjoy many benefits. A screen room is the perfect home addition if you are looking to create insect- and critter-free space that allows for maximum views and plenty of fresh air.

A three-season room offers more protection from the elements with single- or double-paned glass windows with full screens, so you get the best of both worlds, breeze when you want it, and glass when you don’t. While these rooms are not designed to be heated and cooled on an ongoing basis, adding a ceiling fan or electric fireplace is common for occasionally cooling down or warming up these rooms.

With insulated glass and a thermally engineered frame, a four-season room can be used year-round because you can cost-effectively heat or cool these rooms. Regardless of your room choice, each will expand your home’s usable space and functionality. A Patio Enclosures design consultant can help you decide which room is best for you depending on your planned usage of the space as well as the climate where you live.

four season sunroom

Enjoy Outdoor Views

Do you love sitting or entertaining on your outdoor deck or patio enjoying the view of your backyard? Do you hate running inside when it rains or when the mosquitoes and bees attack? A sunroom or screen room addition can give you the same amazing views without the inconvenience. Patio Enclosures exclusive Edge-to-Edge Advantage® provides up to 98 percent more view per square foot than any other sunroom. Floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall glass in our three- and four-season sunrooms optimizes your view and connects you to the outdoors. So, you can enjoy the rain, the sun, or the snow in comfort without sacrificing your view.

Soak Up Natural Light

There are many benefits to having natural light in your home. Natural light produces energy savings by allowing you to use less heat and less artificial lighting. Natural light is also easier on your eyes and helps elevate your mood. It can help ward off seasonal depression and allow you to get more restful sleep. Whether indoors or outside, your skin absorbs vitamin D when it is exposed to the sun, helping to prevent bone loss and reduce the risk of heart disease and various cancers. Since Patio Enclosures sunrooms offer edge-to-edge glass walls, natural light is abundant!

If you want to grow houseplants, or perhaps an herb garden, there will be ample sunshine in your sunroom to do so. Just purchase some containers and herb boxes with which to grow your plants, herbs and flowers, and you’ll have your very own green space indoors. Add glass roof panels to your sunroom to allow light overhead. Or, consider a solarium with an all-glass ceiling for maximum overhead light.

three season sunroom

Stay Cool in the Shade

Does the sun beating down on hot summer days make you tired and irritable? Enjoy the outdoors and natural light without the direct sun and heat. Patio Enclosures three- or six-inch roof panels insulate from weather providing maximum structural integrity. Structural I-beams provide strength to withstand snow and wind loads and contain a thermal barrier to eliminate the transfer of heat or cold, keeping your room more comfortable. Our glass roof panels come with removable solar screens so you can control the amount of incoming light.

Be Protected from UV Rays*

If you enjoy abundant natural light but are concerned about the harmful effects of UV rays, our Comfort-Gard® PLUS high-performance double-pane insulated glass is the right choice for you. Utilizing a multi-layer soft-coat low-E coating, it blocks UV rays 90% more effectively than ordinary glass without affecting your view. Add a solar bronze® tint to eliminate UV rays and glare even more, making your room perfect for reading, crafts, hobbies or TV watching. Our specialty glass also protects your furnishings from the fading effects of the sun.

three season sunroom

Keep Pests Away

Never again have a meal or get together ruined by pesky flies or mosquitoes. You can enjoy the outdoors and still be protected from insects, lizards and other critters with a Patio Enclosures sunroom. Enjoy a welcome breeze and fresh air, or close the glass to be protected from rain or a chill, the choice is yours in a three-season or four-season glass sunroom. And, if you simply want protection from the bugs and other invaders, a screen room will do the trick. Our almost-invisible, black-painted, aluminum mesh stays cleaner than fiberglass screens and are more durable for pets and children. Barbara in Cincinnati, Ohio wrote us, “Yesterday, my cat launched himself onto the screen in an attempt to get a bird and hung on. The screen is still perfect, no pulls, tears or buckling.”


three season sunroom

Best Uses of a Sunroom

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy a Patio Enclosures screen room or sunroom, it’s really up to you. However, over the years our customers have shared how they enjoy their rooms. Below are a few of our favorites!

  • Morning wake-up room — perfect room to drink my coffee, breathe in the fresh air and mentally prepare to tackle the day
  • Kids play room — a great sunlit room for the little ones to play games, read and get fresh air in a clean and protected space
  • Pet sunbathing room — the ideal room for my dogs and cat to sunbathe in and enjoy the breeze without having to worry about ticks and mud
  • Hobby and craft room — perfect room for games, puzzles, reading, or any crafty project that needs lots of light
  • Yoga / workout room — with tons of natural light, my sunroom has become my yoga workout space, a major upgrade from the dark and depressing basement
  • Dining room — we love to eat our meals together in our sunroom especially since we don’t have to deal with bugs or worry about the weather
  • Guests are here entertaining room — every time we have company (which is often), we always head to the sunroom because we can spread out, open the windows and enjoy the breeze — during the pandemic the extra ventilation has been a life saver
  • Winding down after a long day room — no matter how hectic my days are, I can always look forward to winding down in my sunroom and enjoying nature all year long in my perfectly protected space
  • Family room — we’ve had more laughs and fun family time together since we built our sunroom because it’s a place we all want to be
  • Home office — when I was at an office building, I longed for a window seat — now I have the best seat with my garden right outside
  • Napping room — my sunroom is the perfect place for an afternoon nap and my dog agrees
  • Staycation place — we added a little tiki bar after we added a sunroom around our hot tub so now we have a vacation place right inside our house that we use almost every day

Adding a sunroom is a wonderful way to bring more space, light and joy to your home regardless of how you use it. If you are ready to add more functional living space to your home with a sunroom home addition,schedule your free, in-home estimate today!

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