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Sunroom Types & Options

Sunroom Types & Options

With so many types and styles to choose from, designing your sunroom can be overwhelming. We’re here to make it as easy as possible. Figuring out how you plan to use your room is a good starting point. This will help determine which type of room is right for your needs.

Just click on the tabs below to learn more about our sunroom types and options.

Types of Sunrooms, Enclosed Patios & Enclosed Porches

  • Overview
  • Three Season
  • Four Season
  • Screen Rooms
  • Enclosed Porches
  • Solariums
  • Traditional Sunroom

Let's Start with the Basics

Sunrooms are glass and screen enclosures added to a home to create a unique indoor space with an outdoor feel. Sunrooms let in an abundant amount of light and many sunroom owners talk of a rejuvenation effect they feel when this unique room is added. Known by many other names such as a sun porch, porch enclosure, glass enclosure, solarium or Florida room this type of addition not only adds value to your home but functional, affordable space.

Did you know that we can also enclose almost any existing covered space with our screen room or sunroom systems? If you have an existing porch or covered patio, we can transform it into usable living space that won't hinder your view!

It is important to note that not all sunrooms or screen rooms are created equal. Patio Enclosures sunrooms are custom designed and custom manufactured not only to your specifications, but also to the most rigorous standards for safety, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Since our rooms are an extension of your home, they are engineered using the highest quality and structurally sound materials to meet or exceed building codes.

Types of Sunrooms - Overview Types of Sunrooms - Overview

Three Season Sunrooms

This is our most popular sunroom type. Enjoy these rooms from spring through fall or longer depending on your geographical location. Constructed with a durable aluminum frame, this room is a classic in quality and workmanship. Depending on your planned use of the room, three season sunrooms are available with single-pane glass or double-pane insulated glass. Your design consultant will be able to recommend the construction elements right for your needs. Unlike the all season room (four season room) and solarium, three season sunrooms are not designed to be heated or cooled on an ongoing basis.

Three Season Sunrooms Picture

Four Season Sunrooms

Use these rooms all four seasons of the year, no matter where you live. You’re free to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the weather or insects. For ultimate climate control, install a heating and/or cooling system. Choose from Aluminum or Vinyl (reinforced with aluminum or steel framing). Structural thermal breaks in the frame and our double-pane insulated glass help keep your energy costs down. Your design consultant will recommend construction elements based on how you plan to use the room.

All Season Room Picture

Screen Rooms

Want fresh air? Our nearly-invisible black aluminum screens enclose this room to give you maximum visibility. Enjoy flowing air and protection from bugs. Screen enclosures are perfect for balconies, porches and multi-floor buildings, townhouses and condominiums. We can always add glass for extended seasonal use.

Screen Rooms, Screen Enclosures Picture

Enclosed Porches

Enclose your existing space with any Patio Enclosures® three season or four season room system. It’s the most cost-effective way to turn your existing patio or porch into additional living space. We can custom design and custom manufacture the perfect solution for your home.

Screen in your porch to enjoy the summer breezes or add glass to extend the use of the space. You’ll enhance the general appearance of your home while maintaining existing views. Minimal on-site construction makes the transition quick and easy.

Porch Enclsoure, Screen Enclosures Picture


Surround yourself with glass on all sides and above. Imagine relaxing under the stars at night in the comfort of your solarium. Our innovative aluminum framing system allows you to install both heating and/or cooling systems (subject to local building codes). Our thermally engineered frame and 1" thick dual-sealed insulated glass keeps your energy costs down without sacrificing comfort. Your design consultant will recommend construction elements based on how you plan to use the room.

Solariums, Glass Room Picture

Traditional Sunrooms

Considering a traditional design build room addition but love the abundance of light a sunroom brings into your home? Discover our traditionally-framed sunroom – it takes the best of both worlds and combines them into one. Our traditionally-framed sunrooms are traditional room additions constructed with conventional materials like wood, drywall and insulation. They're designed and built as a true extension of your existing home. What makes our traditionally-framed sunrooms unique is the fact that we can fill your room with as many custom-made windows and doors in an endless number of configurations as you wish – creating a unique and light-abundant oasis.

Traditional Sunroom Picture

Sunroom Options

  • Overview
  • Frame Options
  • Roof Options
  • Glass Options

Choosing Your Sunroom Options

Once you've determined the type of room that best suits your needs, you'll want to consider a few other factors. Patio Enclosures can offer you many options because we custom manufacture each room to your specifications.

The main things to consider are:

  1. Frame Options
  2. Roof Options
  3. Glass Options

Remember, your design consultant can explain and recommend the right options for you and your home during your In-Home Design Consultation.

Sunroom Options Photo

Sunroom Frame Options

Simply stated, we custom cut your glass into panels. Glass panels form the walls of your room. Everything is held in place with a frame, made of either aluminum or vinyl reinforced with aluminum or steel.

Aluminum Sunrooms

Our aluminum frames are extruded at various thicknesses depending on the type of room you choose, which results in a sunroom that is structurally sound and meets or surpasses local and national building codes. Aluminum is one of the strongest materials available. It is resistant to temperature and humidity, so your frame will never rust, warp or rot, providing years of reliable use.

Color choices include white, sandstone or bronze. Our finishes provide the highest resistance to scratching, fading, peeling and chipping – giving you great color for the life of your room.

Aluminum Sunroom Photo

Vinyl Sunrooms

Available in our four season rooms only, our vinyl extrusions are reinforced with an inner frame of corrosion-resistant aluminum or steel, which results in a sunroom that is structurally sound and meets or surpasses local and national building codes. Vinyl is easy to clean and is less likely to show wear such as scratches and dents, so it keeps its new look for years to come. Plus if your home has vinyl siding or other vinyl exterior products, a vinyl framed sunroom will be the ideal complement to your home.

Color choices include white and sandstone.

*Colors on screen may not reflect accurate product color.

Vinyl Sunroom Picture

Sunroom Roof Options

Patio Enclosures is one of the only sunroom companies to have an ENERGY STAR® qualified roof panel system, which provides you with the most energy-efficient roof system in the industry.

Worried about snow or fierce winds? We've got you covered. Patio Enclosures sunroom roofs are among the strongest in the industry thanks to structurally engineered I-beams. To test our roof's strength, we parked a 5,100 pound Hummer on a section of our 3-inch roof. This image was taken in our Macedonia production facility. No additional support system was used, only the I-beams in the roof panels. Your design consultant can show you a sample of our roof panel with I-beam.

Patio Enclosures Sunroom Roof Options

Sunroom Roof Styles

The roof is a key component of your sunroom, solarium or screen enclosure. When planning your room, we'll keep in mind the overall look and design of your home. Your design consultant will give recommendations based on your individual needs.

Gable Roof

A gable roof slopes downward in two parts at an angle from a central ridge, forming a gable at one end. The ridge beam is typically perpendicular to the wall of the building to which the room is attached. (It's also known as a pitched roof or an A-frame.)

Gable Roof Sunroom Picture

Single-Slope Roof

One of our most popular and economical options, this roof has a single, sloping surface. It's attached to the building's highest point off the roof slope. The pitch of a single-sloped roof varies depending on your individual needs. (It's also known as a studio roof or a shed roof.)

Single-Slope Roof Sunroom Picture

Existing Roof

Have an existing covered patio, porch or breezeway that you want to enclose? We can help. All of our sunroom and screen rooms can be built into your existing structure. Whether you are looking to simply add a screen system on your porch to keep out the bugs or full glass walls to extend the use of your covered patio space, we can design an enclosure specifically for your home. If it's structurally possible, we can do it. Your design consultant can guide you through this individual process.

Existing Roof Sunroom Picture

Comfort-Gard® Glass Roof Panel System

Enjoy a beautiful open sky view with the practicality of an insulated roof. Our patented Comfort-Gard® glass roof panel system allows you to control the amount of light entering your sunroom. It also comes with SheerWeave® solar shades. They can filter up to 75 percent of the sun's heat without blocking light.

Comfort-Gard® Plus High Performance Glass

Solarium Straight Eaves

Solariums offer options in roof design as well. Unlike sunrooms and screen enclosures, solariums have glass roofs, but you can still choose between a gable or single-slope depending on your design preference. Our solariums are available with a straight eave design.

A straight eave provides a sharp transition from the roof to the front panels. This design accommodates variations in the pitch of the roof and allows Patio Enclosures' solariums to fit in areas where others will not.

Straight Eave Roof Sunroom Picture

Superior Sunroom Glass Options

We take glass seriously, especially since it's the main component of your sunroom. You can count on Patio Enclosures to provide superior sunroom glass choices that are among the best in:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Strength
  • Safety
  • Weather protection
  • UV protection

Unlike others, we cut and temper our own glass so we can build your room to your exact specifications, maximizing glass to provide you with large unobstructed views – our Edge-to-Edge Advantage™. We also glaze our glass with a marine-grade material that forms a water tight seal.

Whatever your needs, we offer a glass to meet them. Choose from single-pane, double-pane insulated or Comfort-Gard® Plus high performance glass. All of Patio Enclosures' insulated glass pass the highest levels of ASTM 2190 tests, including seal life and gas retention. We maintain our ASTM 2190 certification through bi-annual, quality control tests by the Insulating Glass Certification Council. Want to know more? Your design consultant can explain the science behind the magic.

Superior Sunroom Glass Picture Sunroom Glass Tint Options

Single-pane Glass

Our basic glass, single-pane is standard on our three season rooms. Choose from clear glass or bronze tint.

Double-pane Insulated Glass

Comprised of two panes of glass, insulated glass is a popular choice for extending the seasonal use of your sunroom. It will also improve your heating and cooling performance over single-pane glass. Double-pane insulated glass is standard on our all season rooms and is built with warm-edge SuperSpacer® technology which helps prevent seal failure and prohibits the transfer of heat. Choose from clear glass or bronze tint.

Double Pane Glass Sunroom Picture

Comfort-Gard® Plus High Performance Glass

Maximize your comfort and lower your heating and cooling costs with our Comfort-Gard® High Performance Glass. It's one of the most advanced glass options available without unwanted room darkening effects to maximize heating and cooling return. This high performance glass:

  • Retains more heat in the winter keeping you warmer.
  • Reflects heat in the summer to reduce cooling costs by as much as 25 percent.
  • Saves your fabric, furniture and floor coverings from fading by blocking UV rays 90% more effectively than ordinary glass.
  • Controls glare in bright, sunny climates.
  • Choose from clear glass or bronze tint.

How does it do this?

  1. Utilizes a formulated muli-layer soft-coat Low-E.
  2. Insulated with argon gas.
  3. Built with warm-edge SuperSpacer® technology between the glass panes, which helps prevent seal failure and prohibits the transfer of heat.
Comfort-Gard® Plus High Performance Glass


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