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Porch & Patio Covers

We all love soaking up the sun, but there are times in life that call for shade. If your favorite outside space just happens to get the harsh mid-day sun or has no other natural shade offered by Mother Nature, you might want to consider a shading system like an awning, porch or patio cover. Awnings and patio covers come in all shapes, sizes and materials. It really depends on what you want your shading system to do.

Features & Benefits

If you want permanent cover, a stationary patio cover is an ideal choice for you. Our Patio Enclosures® brand patio covers mount directly to your home, and are supported by our powder-coated extruded aluminum posts for exceptional strength and stability. Due to their design, our patio covers meet and exceed most regions' snow and wind loads. Plus, our patented skylights can be added to your patio cover’s roof to allow light right where you want it. Each skylight comes with a custom fitted solar shade that snaps easily into place on days when you would rather be in the shade.

If you want the option to open and close your shading system so you can bake in the sun some days, but rest in the cool shade during others – a retractable awning is an ideal choice for you. Retractable awning units are mounted to your home, and can be opened or closed at will using either a manual crank or an automatic remote. We offer Duarsol® retractable awnings, one of the most popular awnings in America.

Stationary Patio Covers

3” insulated panels with structural I-beams and thermal barriers

  • Provides insulation to help keep you comfortable
  • I-beams provide maximum strength and stability for your roof
3 inch insulated panels

6” insulated panels with structural I-beams and thermal barriers

  • Provides maximum insulation to keep you comfortable
  • I-beams provide maximum strength and stability for your roof
  • Allows you to construct a larger room
6 inch insulated panels

Patented glass roof panels (optional)

  • Available with 3” or 6” roof systems
  • Allows for maximum natural lighten to brighten your space
  • Removable screens allow you to control the amount of incoming light
Patented glass roof panels

Retractable Awnings

SunCassette Bella

  • Incorporates a patented tipping system allowing the awning to extend straight out, then tip down to achieve a 55⁰ pitch
  • Maintains a tight seal when retracted providing complete fabric protection
  • Bottom cassette tray eliminates the need for a center support
  • Teflon® coated bushings with stainless steel pins keep the unit quiet and maintenance free
Retractable Awning - SunCassette Bella

SunShelter® Elite Plus

  • This adjustable, retractable awning system allows you to fine-tune your sun protection
  • An optional R-pitch adjustable shoulder with its patented swivel wrist allows you to drop each corner independently with a simple eyelet and manual hand crank system
  • Up to 24’ wide drop valances available on projections up to 11’ 9”.
Retractable Awning - SunShelter® Elite Plus

SunShelter® Regal

  • Most affordable custom-made retractable awning
  • Sleek design with diminutive profile
  • Designed for heavy duty performance at a light duty price
Retractable Awning - SunShelter® Regal

SunShelter® Triumph

  • Heavy-duty retractable shading solution
  • Offers longer projections to cover larger spaces up to 15’ 11”
  • Arms constructed with 4 nylon coated cables for added strength and durability
Retractable Awning - SunShelter® Triumph

SunCassette Carina

  • Designed for durability and longevity
  • Specially designed hood covers the entire fabric body to give a stylish look that protects the fabric cover from nature’s aging process when retracted
  • Available up to 21’ wide with wall or roof mount applications
  • Unique cross arm option allows longer projections in narrow widths
Retractable Awning - SunCassette Carina

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