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Should You Add an Enclosed Front Porch To Your Home?

Blog Post Updated on: January 31, 2022

Front Porch Enclosure Picture

In this post you will learn …

  • Reasons to install an enclosed front porch
  • Types of front porch additions available
  • Window options to consider

An enclosed porch adds to a home’s aesthetic appeal and can be used for entertaining family and friends while keeping bugs and nasty weather at bay. But those aren't the only reasons to move forward with plans to add an enclosed front porch to your home.

Reasons to Install an Enclosed Front Porch

There are many reasons, not to mention benefits, why you should add an enclosed front porch to your home:

  • To extend your outdoor living space, while being protected from the elements and pesky insects
  • Add square footage to your home, without the high cost of a traditional home addition
  • Enhance curb appeal, which in turn adds to the value of your home
  • Provide an additional barrier from the elements like rain and snow

Now that you know some of the reasons why you should add an enclosed front porch, be sure to consider the following options when choosing the right enclosure for your home. There are multiple types of enclosed porches to consider, each of which can add some light and life to your home.

Type of Porch Enclosures

Once you’ve made the decision to add an enclosed front porch to your home, you’ll need to consider the function you want it to serve. This choice largely depends on your region’s climate and how many months of the year you want to be able to use the area. Porch enclosure options include:

Screen Room

Screen room – With a screen room, residents can enjoy the outdoor air, the sounds of nature and take in a subtle breeze without having to fend off insects.

Three Season Room

Three season sunroom – This type of porch enclosure consists of full-length walls and windows. The windows can be opened to enjoy the weather when it's nice, and the walls provide some protection from the elements. This enables you to be able to use the space not only during summer but in early spring and late autumn as well.

Four Season Room

Four season sunroom – A four season room has an insulated frame and double- or triple-paned glass and can be climate controlled. A four season sunroom allows for year-round use and offers the best return on investment (ROI), because it fully expands the living space.


Solarium – This type of sunroom is covered in glass from top to bottom and is typically used for soaking in the sun during the day or enjoying the stars at night. Using double-paned glass and a heating system add functionality in the winter, as well as a beautiful view of the snowfall.

Type of Screen

Types of Screens for Screen RoomThe functionality of a screen room is determined by the type of screen that is installed. Most homeowners with screen rooms will agree that it's best to go with a screen that stays clean and will provide you with visibility and no glare. A durable screen is also important. You’ll want your screen room to last for years to come, so make sure that the screens that are installed are strong. Consider an aluminum screen that will resist sagging better than traditional fiberglass.

Window Options

Double-Pane Window OptionFor three season and four season sunrooms, choosing the right windows is very important. On a front porch enclosure, it's important to have high-quality windows to help boost curb appeal and increase your home’s ROI. After that, it's all about the function of the windows; whether they are sliding or stationary windows. Since three season rooms aren't typically used in cold weather, single-pane windows will suffice, although double-paned windows will extend the seasons. Four season sunrooms should have at least double-paned, insulated windows.

Aesthetics vs. Function

Another consideration when choosing a sunroom is aesthetics vs. function. Aesthetics are especially important if your sunroom happens to be in the front of your home. Options might include the slope of the porch roof, the siding, type of windows, and decorations.

Adding an enclosed front porch to your home is a great investment simply for the fact that it will make life more enjoyable – the best return on investment that any renovation can provide.

Interested in Adding an Enclosure to Your Front Porch?

At Patio Enclosures, we design, manufacture, install, guarantee and service each of our enclosures to ensure that we provide you with the room of your dreams. We will work with you to custom design an enclosure that fits your space precisely as well as your budgetRequest a free in-home estimate from Patio Enclosures today.

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