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EasyRoom® DIY Sunroom Kits

Patio Enclosures® EasyRoom® sunroom and screen room kits are a great way for experienced do-it-yourselfers to install room additions themselves while still receiving the quality and craftsmanship that our brand offers. EasyRoom kits offer various options including room size, style of roof, type of glass and frame color. Our DIY Sunroom Kits can be shipped in the continental United States with the exception of Florida.

Learn more about our sunroom and screen room kits by viewing the Features and Benefits section below.

Three Season Room Helpful Information

How to Build Your Own Sunroom with a Screened Porch Kit

An EasyRoom® sunroom or screen room kit allows you to save money on labor costs, which makes your room addition very affordable. Before you decide to install a sunroom or screened in patio kit yourself, it is important that you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer who has done your homework. Make sure that you have the proper tools and materials you need before you begin installing your EasyRoom kit.

It’s also very important to consult your local building and zoning officials, to make sure you meet all requirements and have all the necessary permits to extend your home. EasyRoom Kits are available to be shipped in the continental United States with the exception of Florida.

Learn more about How to Build Your Own Sunroom with a Sunroom Kit.

DIY Sunroom Kit vs. Professional Sunroom Installation

Are you trying to decide whether you want to take on a DIY sunroom kit installation or if you’re better off having it professionally installed? DIY sunroom kits are great for experienced craftsmen, but it’s important to understand that screened porch kits do not have as many customizable options as our professionally installed sunrooms.

Learn more about DIY Sunroom Kits vs. Professional Sunroom Installation.

Order a Sample Kit

We make it easy for you to decide if an EasyRoom® sunroom or screen room kit is right for you. Try our sample kit and get acquainted with our product before you choose to purchase a complete EasyRoom. This sample kit provides you with all of the essential components of our rooms to assist you in your decision. Available in the continental United States with the exception of Florida.

Pricing & Cost Factors

At Patio Enclosures, we are committed to helping you achieve your home improvement goals. We understand that adding a sunroom addition to your home can be a big expense, which is why we offer affordable financing options for your project. For more information and to request a sunroom kit quote, visit our Request a Kit Quote page. 

For more information about our financing options, visit our Specials & Financing page.

Warranty Information

We offer a Limited 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on every one of our sunroom kits. It covers all manufacturers’ parts including glass, roof panels, framing, seals and more. Patio Enclosures takes every step to ensure your sunroom will perform for years of enjoyment.

Features & Benefits

Designed for easy installation, our do-it-yourself EasyRoom® sunroom and aluminum screen room kits come with a step-by-step instruction manual and a full five (5) year warranty providing peace-of-mind protection for your investment. Options in room size, roof style, glass type and frame color are available to meet your individual needs.

EasyRoom kits can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States with the exception of the state of Florida.

Frame Options

Master Frame

3 1/8-inch extruded aluminum frame

  • Frame is designed to incorporate sliding doors
  • Provides structural integrity for your room meeting and exceeding local and national building codes
Sunroom Kit Master Frame

Frame Colors

Room Sizes

EasyRoom™ sunroom kits are available in four different sizes to fit your needs

  • 14’L x 16’W x 14’L
  • 12’L x 15’W x 12’L
  • 12’L x 13’W x 12’L
  • 11’L x 12’W x 11’L

Roof Options

Roof Types

Single Slope

  • Consists of one roof section sloping in one direction
  • Also known as a shed roof
  • 2/12-pitch single-slope roof can be modified down to .5/12 if needed
sunroom kit single slope roof


  • Consists of two roof sections sloping in opposite directions from a center ridge beam
  • Also known as a peaked or pitched roof
  • 3/12-pitch gable roof
sunroom kit gable roof

Roof Materials

3-inch Insulated panels with structural I-beams and thermal barriers

  • Provides maximum insulation to keep you comfortable
  • I-beams provide maximum strength and stability for your roof
  • Can be shingled for a seamless look — shingles not included in kit
sunroom 3 inch insulated panels

Snow & Wind Load Rating

Rated with a wind load of 80-100 mph and a snow load of 30 lbs. per square foot

  • Provides peace of mind that your sunroom will withstand the elements

Glass Options

Glass Types

Single-pane glass

  • Most widely used glass
  • Provides protection from the elements
  • Allows you to reap the benefits of solar heat gain (free heat from the sun)
  • Provides UV protection with tinting
sunroom single pane glass

Comfort-Gard® Plus High-Performance Glass (5/8-inch thick soft-coat Low-E and argon gas) (optional)

  • Most advanced glass available to maximize heating and cooling return
  • Keeps you warmer in winter
  • Reduces cooling costs by as much as 25% in summer
  • Saves your fabric by blocking UV rays 90% more effectively than ordinary glass (more if you add a glass tint)
Sunroom Comfort-Gard® Plus High Performance Glass

Windows & Doors


7/8-inch-thick, butt-joined, extruded aluminum frame

  • Extruded aluminum frame provides maximum durability and structural integrity
  • Butt-joint keeps screen square
Extruded aluminum screen frame

Screen Mesh

  • "Invisible" black-painted aluminum screening provides visibility without glare
  • Offers superior strength, stays cleaner and resists sagging better than traditional fiberglass
Sunroom Screen Mesh

Door & Window Rolling System

Triple track with ball-bearing wheels in nylon tires

  • Nylon tires will never wear out the tracks in your room providing easy operation of your doors and windows for the life of your room
sunroom door and window rolling system

Door Handles

Black aluminum with wood accents

  • Easy grip, low profile handle
  • Allows for all types of blinds and shades to open and close with ease
Sunroom handles black aluminum with wood accents

Locking System

Single-point locking system with anti-lift bar

  • Provides security for you and your family
  • Anti-lift bar prevents the window and door panels from being opened or lifted out of the frame
Sunroom single-point locking system with anti-lift bar


Advanced Weatherlock

  • Blowing wind forces sashes closer together, sealing out the elements
Sunroom weatherlock advanced with interlock sash

Weather Stripping


  • Keeps debris and bugs out
  • Adds to your comfort by preventing drafts
sunroom weather strip polypropylene


Do-it-yourself screened patio kit

  • Our step-by-step installation guide provides instruction for an easy and safe installation.

Download Brochure

EasyRoom Brochure

There's a sense of achievement when you can finally sit back and kick your feet up in the Patio Enclosures EasyRoom sunroom or screen room kit you put together. Not quite sure if you're ready to roll up your sleeves and have at it? Then learn more about our kits with our FREE brochure. Discover the many features and benefits they have to offer, as well as the options available to you.

Still not completely sure? Our brochure also shows you how to order a sample kit so you can get a taste of what's involved before you take the plunge. Go ahead, start to scratch that DIY itch with an EasyRoom kit brochure today.

Download Now EasyRoom® Brochure

Order a Sample Kit

EasyRoom Sample KitWe make it easy for you to decide if an EasyRoom® sunroom or screen room kit is right for you. Try our sample kit and get acquainted with our product before you choose to purchase a complete EasyRoom. This sample kit provides you with all of the essential components of our rooms to assist you in your decision.

Our Sample Kit includes:

  • Glass mini door sample — A scaled down version of our extruded aluminum door panels with weather stripping and single-pane glass. Shown in our white finish. (For safety during shipping, the sample contains plexiglass in place of single-pane glass.)
  • Screen mini door sample — A scaled down version of our extruded aluminum screen door panels with weather stripping and aluminum mesh, which is more durable than traditional fiberglass mesh. Shown in our white finish.
  • Three-inch roof sample — Our insulated aluminum foam-core roof panels with structural I-beams and thermal barriers provide insulation to keep you cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather. I-beams provide structural integrity. Shown in our sandstone finish.
  • Wood door handle — Our wood door handle with security latch and anti-lift bar offers an easy grip for simple operation and a low profile to accommodate all types of blinds and shades. Single-point lock and anti-lift bar provide security for your room.

If you are interested in having an EasyRoom sample kit sent to your home, order one now!*

*The price of our Sample Kit is $25.00+ tax. FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING. If you purchase an EasyRoom sunroom kit, you will receive a refund for your purchase of a sample kit (a $25.00 refund). Sample Kits can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States with the exception of Florida.

Customer Reviews

Customer Review"We love the room! We insulated the deck below and wrapped it with faux stone, and did a knotty pine house wall with matching barn doors. We use it all winter, with a space heater. It's really a great addition to our home." – Betty G. Hartland, MI * * * * *

Customer Review"I did almost all of the work myself. The only part I needed help with was the support beam. The room was installed directly over our deck. We have completely furnished the room and spend almost all our time there. We say that the rest of our house is really there just to hold up our Patio Enclosures room. We spent all winter (and it was a cold one) in the patio room. Our rescue cats are strictly indoor cats but with our Patio Enclosures room the think they are outside. We've owned our house since 1992 and have made many improvements. Without a doubt the Patio Enclosures room was the best improvement we ever did!" – Joseph and Debbie, Myersville, MD * * * * *

Customer Review"Hi Patio Enclosures Team! It [EasyRoom DIY Sunroom Kit] went together well. We ended up hiring a contractor as my schedule has been too full. Here is a picture of the finished product. So far, we're very happy with it!!" – Brett S., Portland, OR * * * * *

Customer Review"The installation is complete and the contractor did an awesome job! We are very happy with our new sunroom!" – Robert C., Grand Rapids, MI * * * * *

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our EasyRoom® sunroom or screen room kits? Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below to find answers to some common questions.

What comes with my kit?

It depends on the type of DIY screen enclosure kit you choose, but generally speaking, an EasyRoom® kit includes: aluminum frame, single-pane or double-pane insulated glass panels, aluminum screen mesh panels, aluminum foam-core roof, glass or aluminum foam-core wings, center ridge beam (gable roof option), full screens, lockset, weather stripping, fasteners for assembly, caulking and installation manual.

What do I need to supply separately?

Kits do not include foundation screws, gutters, downspouts or site preparation materials. Some components may require field modifications.

What tools do I need to assemble my room?

  • Power Tools:
    • 7 ¼” circular saw with carbide toothed blade
    • Miter saw with carbide toothed blade (optional)
    • Drill or cordless drill
    • Screw gun
    • Masonry hammer drill with ¼” and ½” drill bits (for concrete foundations)
  • Hand Tools:
    • Hammer
    • Rubber mallet
    • Tape measure
    • Square
    • #2 Phillips screwdriver
    • Utility knife
    • Putty knives
    • Tin snips
    • Hack saw
    • Locking pliers
    • Level
    • Chalk line
  • Screw Tips:
    • #2 Square drive
    • #2 Phillips
    • ¼” Socket/nut driver
    • 5/16” Socket/nut driver
    • 7/16” Socket/nut driver
    • ¾” Socket/nut driver
    • ¼” Drill bit
  • Misc. Tools:
    • 4’ and 6’ Step ladders
    • Extension ladder (tall enough to safely reach the top of the roof)
    • Sheet metal brake

Is a permit required to build a sunroom on my home?

Possibly. Building codes vary by location. Please check with your state, city, municipality or county for permit requirements.

How long will it take for my sunroom kit to arrive?

Your sunroom kit should arrive approximately 30-45 days after the order is placed. We can ship anywhere in the continental United States only with the exception of Florida.

How are materials delivered?

Materials are delivered via our transportation provider who will contact you directly to schedule a convenient delivery date and time.

What do I have to have at home to receive delivery?

All kits ship direct to location specified on the order via common carrier. Two people must be available to off-load the truck on the designated delivery date. The material is crated for its protection and a screw gun will be needed to break down the crate. All materials, including shipping materials, must be off-loaded from the truck. It is the recipient’s responsibility to dispose of all shipping materials.

If materials are damaged upon arrival, what do I do?

Contact our transportation provider who will assist you. We take extraordinary steps to ensure that our materials are well packaged and wrapped to minimize damage during transit.

How will I know when my DIY sunroom kit will arrive?

Our transportation provider will contact you and set up a convenient delivery date.

What if I have questions regarding installation?

Anytime you have a question you can contact our tech support team at 800-230-8301.

What if all of my materials are not delivered?

In the unlikely event you are missing materials, contact our customer support team at 800-230-8301 and we will expedite the missing parts to you.

How do I make payments?

You can pay for your sunroom with certified check, credit card, or money order. Full payment is due at the time of the order.

When do I make payments?

Full payment is due at the time of the order. We provide several convenient payment options for you including by credit card or check.

What do I do if I have a problem with my sunroom after I install it?

Depending on the nature of your problem, consult our warranty for resolution then contact our customer support team at 800-230-8301.

What type of roof system is part of the sunroom or screened patio kit?

Our roof system is made of 3" insulated aluminum foam-core roof panels that include structural I-beams and thermal barriers.

What type of glass is available?

EasyRoom® sunroom kits are available with two glass types. Choose from single-pane glass or Comfort-Gard® Plus High Performance double pane insulated glass with Low-E and argon gas. All glass utilized in our DIY enclosed patio kits is tempered for maximum safety.

What type of mounting surface is needed for construction?

Our DIY sunroom or screen room kit can be constructed on a deck or a level concrete pad, with a foundation meeting local building requirements.

How long will it take to install the sunroom or screen room kit?

Depending on the size of the room selected and the roof configuration, you can expect an average time of 25-35 hours on our smallest sunroom and 50-70 hours on our largest sunroom with a gabled roof (based on 2 people).

What type of warranty is provided for the EasyRoom® kit?

For a full five (5) years, Great Day Improvements warrants the EasyRoom® kit product to be free from defects in material and factory workmanship. Insulated glass shall be warranted for seal failure for a period of five (5) years.

Roof panels shall be warranted for delamination, blistering, chipping or cracking, flaking, under normal conditions, for a period of five (5) years.

Paint finishes on all exterior exposed surfaces are warranted against peeling, cracking, blistering or chipping for a period of five (5) years.

This warranty applies to original purchaser, and is not transferable without the express written consent of Great Day Improvements, LLC. Full warranty included with installation manual.

Offers end 12/31/2024, subject to change

* Discount applies to MSRP and varies by market. Some restrictions apply. See store for details. Not valid on prior sales or quotes. May not be used in conjunction with other offers or discounts. Dealer participation varies.

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