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How to Build Your Own Sunroom with a Sunroom Kit

sunroom kits

In this post, you will learn…

  • If using a sunroom kit to build your own sunroom is right for you
  • The benefits of adding a sunroom to your home
  • Basic steps to build a sunroom by yourself

Building a Sunroom With A Patio Enclosures® Sunroom Kit

Sunrooms add so much to a home. They provide you with additional space, so you can finally have that extra dining area, entertainment room or lounge you've always wanted. They allow you to expand your seasonal living space and enjoy the outdoors without the threat of bugs or inclement weather. Sunlight and nature surround you in a sunroom, extending the seasons so you can enjoy them while in the comfort of your home.

Installing a sunroom also adds square footage to your home, increasing its value. Imagine increasing the value of your home with one simple home improvement that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

sunroom kits

How Do You Know if a Sunroom Kit is Right for You?

The benefits of a sunroom have prompted many homeowners to explore the possibility of adding one onto their existing home. If you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer, then the EasyRoom™ Sunroom Kit may be an ideal option for you. The EasyRoom™ Sunroom Kit allows you to save on labor costs, which makes a sunroom addition an affordable way to increase the overall value of your home. The kit helps you build your own sunroom using the same quality materials used to construct a custom Patio Enclosures sunroom. And each kit comes with a 5-year factory workmanship warranty.

All Sunroom kits aren’t the same. If you are serious about installing a sunroom kit, be sure to do your homework. In order to create a permanent sunroom space for your home that can hold up to the elements year after year, you’ll have to look closely at the materials your sunroom is made of. PVC and plexi-glass, which are materials used for more temporary structures, will not be able to stand up to Mother Nature. Patio Enclosures EasyRoom™ Sunroom Kit utilizes structural I-beams, extruded aluminum framing, and tempered glass panels to provide maximum durability and longevity for your room.

Assess Your Skills and Resources

Sunroom Kit Tools

What do you need to build a sunroom by yourself? First, assess your skills. EasyRoom™ Sunroom Kits are ideal for those who have the skills of a do-it-yourselfer. Assembling the kit will require two experienced homeowners. It will take approximately 25-35 hours to complete a small sunroom and roughly 50-70 hours for a larger one.

By using an EasyRoom™ Sunroom Kit, you will save on installation and labor costs. You will also get the same quality craftsmanship from the factory materials as you would with a custom Patio Enclosures sunroom. Our sunroom kits are available in four sizes:

  • 14’L x 16’W x 14’L
  • 12’L x 15’W x 12’L
  • 12’L x 13’W x 12’L
  • 11’L x 12’W x 11’L

Patio Enclosures also offers a variety of options for your sunroom's roof, glass type and frame color.

Essential Steps to Prepare for Building Your Sunroom

Before you start building your sunroom, please note that there may be restrictions on extending your home. Always be sure to check with your local building and zoning officials to make sure you meet all requirements and have all necessary permits. While this may seem tedious, building a sunroom without the proper permits and permission may result in fines and even potential problems down the road.

You will also need to make sure you have the proper materials to begin constructing your sunroom. Your Patio Enclosures sunroom kit will come with the essentials, including 3” extruded aluminum frame, single-pane or double-pane insulated tempered glass panels, an aluminum foam-core roof, a center ridge beam (if a gable roof is selected), full screens, weather stripping, fasteners, caulking and an installation manual.

While these materials are integral to building your sunroom, there are additional tools you will need in order to complete the project. The installation will require some power tools, such as a 7 ¼” circular saw with carbide toothed blade, a screw gun, and a regular or cordless drill. You will also need some hand tools, including a hammer, a rubber mallet, a square, tin snips and a hack saw. If you don’t feel your skill level is great enough to tackle a project like this or if you don’t have the necessary tools, you can always purchase the kit and hire a local contractor to help you build it. Or if you happen to reside in one of Patio Enclosures® serviceable territories, we can help!

Still unsure if this kit is right for you? Purchase a Sample Kit! Our Sample Kit comes with all of the major components of the sunroom so you can see the quality and touch and feel each piece. We also include a portion of the instruction manual.

sunroom kits

The decision to add a sunroom to your home doesn't need to be a nerve-wracking one. The professionals at Patio Enclosures are here to help. If you have any questions about delivery or installation when building your own sunroom, contact the Patio Enclosures customer support team online or by calling 800-230-8301.

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