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Building a She Shed vs. Installing a Sunroom

three season room

In this post, you will learn…

  • What is a she shed?
  • The multiple benefits and functionality a sunroom can provide
  • How a sunroom provides a greater return on investment

She Shed BuildingIn a world where crafting and DIY projects have become more prevalent than ever, it only makes sense that women have created a personal, modern-day sanctuary where they can bring their hobbies to life. The new term “she shed” has been showing up in home and garden magazines and home improvement TV shows everywhere. Think of it as a home away from home that is within walking distance of your house.

A she shed is a standalone building in which an individual can get away to relax in privacy. It is common for old barns or outdoor storage areas to be converted into she sheds, which can be used for potting plants, scrapbooking, painting or even doing yoga. When considering this type of solitary space, it is important to note that while these areas offer privacy, they typically do not lend themselves to year-round use, especially if you live in a colder climate.

Building a She Shed vs. Installing a Sunroom

While a she shed offers many luxuries as well as a space you can call your own, it can also be small and restrict your ability to enjoy natural surroundings. So, why couldn’t you enjoy your hobbies in a beautiful sunroom addition that will allow you to relax and enjoy natural sunlight, with or without guests, that is also attached to your home?

The good news is that Patio Enclosures® understands how to provide additional space at a price that you can afford. A sunroom is an economical solution you can be creative in designing. Best of all, if you choose a four season room, it can be utilized during all four seasons.

four season room addition

Experience Increased Flexibility

Patio Enclosures specializes in helping you get more out of your home by leveraging the space you already have. Whether you are looking to immediately increase square footage or simply add extra space for entertaining, we can assist you with a design that will let you explore your inner creativity and give your home more versatility.

Your customized sunroom can offer additional living space, a room dedicated to your favorite hobby, an entertaining area for family and friends, or the office space you’ve always dreamed of. You and your guests can enjoy the outdoors while avoiding inclement weather. While she sheds are an up–and-coming trend, they are designed for only one person to enjoy. A sunroom is a multi-functional addition that offers space for social gatherings and adds value to your home.

Maximize Your Return on Investment

screen room addition

You want to ensure your investment is one that will pay off in both the short- and long-term. Installing a sunroom can cost less than a traditional home addition. There are multiple options, including screen rooms, three season rooms, four season rooms, solariums or traditional sunrooms to fit your needs and budget. You can get exactly what you want by customizing a sunroom to fit your home.

Are you ready to build your custom sunroom? Contact Patio Enclosures today for a free, in-home estimate by filling out a form online or calling us at 800-230-8301.

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