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Stunning Future Home Designs


In this article you will learn:

  • About the future use of glass in home design
  • The benefits of building with glass, including natural light and lower energy costs
  • Ways to incorporate glass in existing homes today

Stunning Future Home Designs

George Jetson’s flying car may not be a reality in the next thirty years, but his futuristic space pad with floor to ceiling windows just might be. The World Architecture Festival contest for 2014 recently wrapped up, and one thing was clear: windows will soon be prominent in architecture. The festival featured several floor-to-ceiling window designs, including an astounding 42,000 square meter crystal clear glass building and its square footage opposite, a 12.3 by 12.3 meter tapered steel and glass house in Australia. Although an entire home made out of glass isn’t realistic for most home owners, adding a solarium to your home will allow you to add a modern look to your home.

Why Glass?

glass solariumThough homes of the past have been constructed mostly of materials like brick, concrete and wood, glass offers unique advantages over its competition. Natural light filtered through the panes reduces electricity use, which is great for the wallet and the earth. In fact, The University of Michigan cut its energy costs by 1/3 through their use of insulated glass on the campus’s indoor football practice facility.

While we think more windows equals more heat, the glass of today can be built to deflect the rays. Patio Enclosures’ Comfort-Gard® Plus High Performance Glass blocks UV rays 90% more effectively than regular glass and even more when you add a tint.

Feeling down? Natural light is also known to boost moods and increase productivity. This study done by the state of California notes that natural light used in an office resulted in up to 12% more efficiency when it came to workers completing tasks. Let the light in and you might find you not only feel happier but you get more done as well.

And we can’t overlook the aesthetic benefits of windows in the home. Imagine waking each morning to wide windows that open up your view of your beautiful back yard. Today, homeowners can enjoy a patio made of 98% glass with Patio Enclosure’s Edge-to-Edge Advantage™, which features custom cut and tempered glass that affords unobstructed views of the surroundings.

Your Future’s So Bright

large glass solariumYou may not be ready to design and build an all-glass home today, but Patio Enclosures can create a solarium, three season or all season room that offers some of the same benefits. We can utilize an existing space, such as patio or covered porch, or we can design a glass room addition for your home.

Our rooms are custom designed, which means you have endless options when it comes to the look and design of your new space. We offer a variety of options for roof style and glass type and features, and all of our custom-made products come with a limited lifetime warranty.

View our photo gallery for inspiration and ideas, and then call Patio Enclosures today at 1-800-230-8301 or fill out our form online to receive a free, no obligation, in home consultation with one of our professionals. We can lead you into the future with the glass room addition of your dreams.

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