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Create a Pet Friendly Space with a Three or Four Season Room

Three Season Room Pet Photo

In this post, you will learn...

  • How a three or four season room can create a pet friendly space
  • The best furniture for your indoor pet space
  • Which indoor plants are safe for pets

Our furry, finned and feathered friends are an important part of our lives; that’s why they need a safe and comfortable place in your house they can call their own. In this post, we’ll offer some helpful tips on utilizing a three or four season room to help create a pet friendly space in your home.

Three Season Room Pet Photo

Three Season Room

A three season room provides the perfect space for your pet to enjoy the outdoors while safely inside without the nuisance of bugs most of the year. Patio Enclosures® three season rooms utilize walls of glass and screen rolling doors that can be opened and closed, so you can control how much air enters and exits the room.

Does your pet like to bask in the sun’s rays, but you don’t want them to drag extra dirt and mud into your home? A three season room also lets your pet view the outdoors and take in the fresh air without tracking mud or bugs into your space. Because the addition is made of up to 90% glass, a three season room is the perfect place for pets to enjoy playing or napping in the sun.

While this couple didn’t intend to add a room for their pets, their sunroom created the perfect place for their dogs to relax in the sun. Adding a sunroom enclosure to your dwelling is a perfect space for your family and pets to enjoy together.

If you’re looking for additional security, our three season elite rooms feature a dual-point throw bolt locking system with a night latch that allows for ventilation while keeping you and your family safe.

Four Season Room

If you’re looking for a room that you and your pet can use year-round regardless of the outside temperature, a four season room might be the right choice for you. A four season room will allow your pets to enjoy the view and natural lights of the outdoors during every season from inside, out of inclement weather. Because you can control the temperature of your space, a four season room could be a perfect space for your bird, fish or reptile.

Patio Enclosures four season rooms feature a dual-point throw bolt locking system with a night latch, which keeps your pet safely secured while being able to get fresh air. Our night latches also eliminate the need for deadbolts. If your pet tends to dash for the front door when its opened, a sunroom can be a great place for him or her to relax while friends and family enter your home.

Furniture and Decorating Ideas for a Pet Friendly Room

Pet Friendly Sunroom Addition

"We enjoy our new sunroom because we can now enjoy our million-dollar, four-state view, even when it snows. Our dog Daisy also loves the room and relaxing in the sun. Our room is the best!!!"

When choosing furniture and decorations for your sunroom, it’s important to keep your pets in mind. Consider the following when planning for your pet friendly space.

Find the right material. Choose a fabric that resists stains and repels fur. Leather is a good choice for easy hair removal and food stains, but can also tear easily by animals with claws. Choose a tightly woven fabric such as microfiber or tweed as a more durable option. Depending on the type of glass you choose for your sunroom, you may also want to consider materials that offer UV fade resistance. Patio Enclosures offers high-performance Comfort-Gard glass, which offers UV protection.

What plants are safe for pets in your room addition? If you want to add plants to your sunroom, it’s important to consider the wellbeing of your pets. Pets often like to nibble on plants, so house plants should be non-toxic. Here are ten types of plants that are safe for most pets:

  • Chamaedorea Palm
  • Boston fern
  • African violet
  • Staghorn Fern
  • Spider plant
  • Air plants
  • Orchids
  • Peperomia
  • Maidenhair Fern

Give your pets their own beds in your sunroom. There are many different pet beds available. Be sure to choose one that is washable to keep your pet happy and your new space looking clean.

If you’re ready to create a dedicated area that you and your pet can enjoy together, schedule your free, in-home estimate online or give us a call today.