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Outdoor Living Spaces on a Budget

Blog Post Updated on: May 25, 2022.

In this post, you'll learn ...

  • The most affordable type of sunroom.
  • How to make a home addition even more affordable using your home's current structure.
  • How Patio Enclosures can create a screen room to fit your needs and budget.

Bringing Nature Home

screen room

Those of us who live on a swatch of the planet that allows for a backyard are lucky. But once in a while, some of us lucky ones can be seen outside swatting insects, or inside on our toes, trying to catch a glimpse of the great outdoors through the kitchen window while doing dishes.

As long as you have access to it, why not find an economical way to bring nature into your home? Patios and pergolas are both very nice, but you need bug and rain protection to really enjoy an outdoor living space.

Enter the Screened-In Sunroom

There are several different types of screened-in rooms, and they can be surprisingly affordable. Today's screens are also much improved over the old metallic screens of yesteryear. Dark, non-glare, and unobtrusive, they provide a near-invisible force that lets in all of nature’s good elements and keeps out the bad ones.

How to Make a Screen Room Even More Affordable

The scope, design, style, and quality of your new indoor-outdoor room are limited only by your imagination and wallet. If you already have a porch or an attached patio, it makes sense and saves money to use that space as the existing floor and foundation of your new screened-in space. Likewise, if your home happens to have a portion of the roof that juts out, you might consider using that for all or part of the roof above your new screened-in room.

It is also possible to add a screen room to your home without an existing roof or patio. These types of additions will take more pre-planning, pre-construction, and a higher budget, but they are an option.

all season sunroom

Consider Your Potential Screened-In Sunroom Uses

Finally, think about the real reason for creating an indoor-outdoor space. If you’re just interested in a place to bask without a fly swatter, a screened-in room will do fine. There are many other wonderful uses for a screened in room, so think about your own lifestyle before you make your decision. You may decide to upgrade to a fully glassed all season sunroom that will be a haven for you, the family, and the pets all year long.

Screened-In Sunroom Ideas on a Budget

Whether you want a screen room as a natural haven for practicing yoga in the shade, an area for pets who prefer the outdoors, a bug-free outdoor dining area, or any other reason, Patio Enclosures has experts who can help. There is absolutely no obligation connected to our in-home estimates, and they are 100% free of charge.

You can afford the sunroom of your dreams with our special offers and financing options. And because we're so committed to helping you achieve your home improvement goals, we've partnered with GreenSky® Trade Credit, a leader in the home improvement financing industry.

If you’re lucky enough to own a yard, you have an ecological obligation to honor the beauty right outside your door. Invite it in to share your life with you!

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