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Posts in Category: Cleaning Tips

6 Summer Home Improvement Ideas 

Building a Sunrom

When the days start getting longer and the sun sets later, it's the perfect time to catch up on home improvement projects. Here's a list of some summer home improvement projects that will get you outside to spruce up your home, and perhaps increase its value at the same time. 

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3 Tips for Organizing Your Home 

June 07, 2016 Categories: Cleaning Tips Home Enclosures

Organizing your home

With warmer weather around the corner, “spring cleaning” will soon be taking place. This yearly ritual seems to consist of purging unused items and finding new homes for them. What kind of creative ideas and outlets will you be using to get rid of items that are no longer needed? Once you’ve removed these unwanted items, adding extra space can help further improve your home. Read on to find out how Patio Enclosures® can help expand your living space while increasing the value of your home.

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Easy to Follow Steps on How to Repair a Porch 

screened-in-sunroomIs your porch looking old and tired? Front porch repair can be as simple as replacing a few weathered boards and adding a new coat of paint. With the right mix of furnishings, décor and other aesthetics, this can be your family’s favorite place to gather. There are other changes to consider that may make the front, or back, porch a more usable and comfortable space that your family will love.

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Patio Cleaning Tips 

outdoor home patioSpring has sprung and people are going to start flocking to barbecues, pool parties, and outdoor birthday bashes. They have been trapped inside due to a remorseless winter and now they want to spread their wings. So now you have to get your patio ready for the onslaught that is going to happen in these warm months ahead. Your patio may look like a mess now with the snow shovel leaning against the sliding door, and that torn blue tarp over the grill, but there are ways to make your patio sparkle again

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How to Declutter a Room  

Tips on how to declutter a roomFeeling overwhelmed with too much “stuff” is emotionally and physically draining. Clutter takes up space and can make you feel claustrophobic and anxious. Plus, a room that is bursting at the seams with clutter is unattractive no matter how nice your decor might be. De-cluttering can have a freeing and positive impact on your life. You literally have room to breathe, are surrounded only with things you truly love, and feel like you are able to enjoy your space. Getting rid of clutter is the first step toward a more balanced life.

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How to Clean Vinyl Siding 

August 16, 2012 Categories: Cleaning Tips

Pressuring washing vinyl sidingThough vinyl siding is a low maintenance option for your home, it is important to clean it periodically so you can get the most life out of it. Over time, dirt, mold and mildew can build up causing vinyl siding to look unsightly and dull.

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