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Sunroom and Porch Furniture Ideas

May 21, 2015 Categories: Home Renovation Tips Sunrooms

sunroom accessories

In this post you will learn …

  • How furniture on a porch or sunroom can transform your space
  • How to extend your usable living space
  • How to decorate a sunroom to get the most enjoyment of your outdoor surroundings

Adding a porch or sunroom is a great way to gain extra square footage in your home. While this not only adds value to your home, it also is an easy and affordable way to enjoy your natural surroundings. However, simply building a sunroom shouldn't be where the process ends.

Decorating your new space is probably the most fun part of adding a porch or sunroom to your home. Discovering how you want to designate the space and learning to decorate for your personality are also very important steps in designing a new addition for your home.

Here are some helpful tips on how to best decorate your porch or sunroom, depending on its purpose:

Extend Your Unusable Living Space

The most important thing to keep in mind when designing a sunroom for the specific reason of increasing your livable square footage is: YOU.

sunroom furnitureThat's right! When you plan on using your sunroom as an extension of your home, your personality and style is the main component to creating a great space. Pops of colors in pillows, rugs, curtains and accent chairs are great ways to bring your fun and playful personality to your new sunroom. And if your style sense is a bit more classic, use neutral-toned, comfortable sofas and chairs throughout to transition seamlessly from your home to your sunroom.

Another great tip to remember is to pre-plan the type of entertaining you’ll be doing in your new space. Are you going to use it as extra overflow seating for large gatherings? Will your sunroom be your primary entertainment area? Do you want to add dining/bar space to your new sunroom? Depending on your new room's main purpose, you'll want to make sure there is ample room for either a dining table, large and comfy couches, or a bar seating area.

Extend Your Garden Area

sunroom plantsIf you’re like thousands of other homeowners, then your sole purpose for adding a porch or sunroom addition may be to expand your backyard and garden area. You want to take full advantage of the open and airy space that a sunroom or porch gives you.

Many porches and sunrooms are perfect for plants. To make your new space blends into the nature surrounding you, add a variety of plants. One way of transforming your sunroom into a natural realm is to add indigenous plants as well as tropical ones, such as palms, ficus, orchids and peace lilies. And what better way to transition from a sunroom or porch to your beautiful outdoor space than by using natural materials like wicker for your furniture? Not only are these materials sustainable, but the neutral tones will blend wonderfully into the nature surrounding you.

Whether you're designing your new sunroom for the purpose of extending your outdoor area or increasing your usable living space, remember to have fun and make the most of your newfound space by adding some of your unique personality into it!

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