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Sunroom Ideas, Designs & Decorations

February 16, 2011 Categories: Home Renovation Tips Sunrooms

Blog Post Updated on: April 19, 2019

Sunroom Ideas

Looking for sunroom ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Consider this your one-stop resource for decorating sunrooms. From the plan to design, we’re here to discuss the basics. There’s a lot to consider, but we’ll break it down for you. This article includes sunroom decorating tips on sunroom furniture, flooring, lighting, curtains, ceilings and the all-important color.

Patio Enclosures Sun Room Decorating Ideas Before you do anything, ask yourself “how will I use my sunroom?” The answer guides all of your decisions. If your sunroom is your relaxation room, think about how you like to relax. Perhaps you’ll want a comfortable chair or an overstuffed sofa. Certain colors are more relaxing than others. If your sunroom is a living room extension, we may need additional seating or perhaps a table and some chairs. Once you’ve determined your sunroom’s purpose, you’re ready to get started.

Sunroom Decorating Guidelines

A sunroom should always reflect your individual taste. In order to do that, we’ll want to plan properly.

Here’s how to use your decorating sunroom ideas:

  1. Formulate a plan based on your budget. Decide what you already have and what you’d like to buy.
  2. Draw a quick layout of your room and determine how much space you have to work with.
  3. Look at sunroom photos to find looks that you like and dislike.
  4. Determine if your sunroom has a focal point. Remember that it could be outside: a lake, pond, tree, garden or other spot in your yard.
  5. Have fun! Enjoy bringing your sunroom to life. No doubt, it’ll be your favorite room in the house.

Sunroom Pictures

Patio Enclosures Sun Room Design Inspiration PhotoOnce we’re clear on the sunroom’s purpose, we’ll need some inspiration for your overall room design. You decide if you want it to stand out from the rest of the house or blend with your existing decor and color palette. Your sunroom décor should reflect your personal style. Not sure what that is? No problem. Look through your magazines. Browse decor photos online or check out our Photo Gallery to help inspire your inner designer. Remember, your sunroom doesn't need wall decor - so focus on furniture and accent items that reflect your style like rugs and small tables.

Color Ideas

Tangerine was named THE color of the year by Pantone. Other popular colors for 2012 include soft pink and green or strong navy and gray with a touch of purple. The great thing about decorating sunrooms is that there aren’t walls to paint. This allows you to express color through furnishings. If you have something outside your room like a flowering tree or bush, consider pulling that color into your room with a matching throw rug, sofa throw or other décor item.

Sunroom Furniture Ideas

Palm Springs Rattan Indoor Sunroom Furniture - Patio EnclosuresBecause sunroom walls are glass, furnishings and rugs are the main décor. When you choose furniture, keep in mind that wood or wicker may be a better choice than metal. These materials help maintain a softer atmosphere as they work well with large amounts of light. Fabrics should be UV resistant to help prevent fading from the sunlight.

Décor Ideas

Plants work well in sunrooms because they continue the relationship between your sunroom and the outdoors. Plus, with the promise of natural light, they’re sure to prosper. For a larger room, think about floor plants. Pillows allow you to bring in accent colors and are easily changed. Want a beach theme? Seashells in a glass cylinder are an easy addition.

Sunroom Flooring Ideas

Flooring Ideas - Various materials and colorsThere are a couple of key things to remember when considering sunroom flooring ideas. First, if there’s an entrance to the outside, carpet may not be the best way to go because of excess dirt. Second, without walls, the flooring has a greater impact than it does in most other rooms. Rugs are a great way to accent or change your flooring with minimal effort and cost.

Lighting Ideas

While gathering sunroom lighting ideas, keep in mind installing dimmers so you can adjust the lighting as the sun goes down. We highly recommend ground-fault circuit interrupters for safety reasons since a sunroom is an outdoor room. Note where the majority of the light is needed in the room once your natural light source is gone for the evening. Pay special attention to reading corners and work areas. You will want to choose lighting options that make it easy for you to do the things you love in your room. Other than that, you’re choices in fixtures are only limited by your imagination.

Sunroom Curtain Ideas

Patio Enclosures Solarium Blinds - Decorate your SunroomCurtains or blinds are a great way to create your desired atmosphere. Take notice of how and where the sunlight enters your sunroom. You can then plan for sunroom curtains that allow you to block the sun for periods of time. Light colors will let in the most amount of light while dark colors will block it. Curtain length depends on window size as well as the overall sunroom design. Long curtains tend to be more formal.

Ceiling ideas

Ceiling fans are an excellent way to add light, increase air flow and create ambiance in one easy step. Remember that if you want to see the stars, a solarium gives you a glass ceiling.

Small Sunroom Ideas

Like any smaller room, we’ll want to decorate a small sunroom in such a way that will make it look larger. In general, lighter colored décor better reflects light, making any room appear larger. In a normal room, we paint the walls light colors and hang mirrors. Since a sunroom’s walls are windows, we already have built-in light reflection. Take advantage of the light by using lighter curtains or large-slated blinds. Brighter window treatments allow for the most amount of sunshine. Check out sunroom furniture ideas that include white wicker or wood pieces. If you want to include some darker colors, pillows offer the perfect opportunity to do so without absorbing too much of the space-enhancing light. Sun lights are a great lighting option because they won’t take up any extra floor space.

Sunroom Decorating Ideas Summary

Gathering sunroom decorating ideas can be an overwhelming task. That’s why we’ve dedicated this blog specifically on design. We’ll break it down for you and keep you informed of the latest trends as well as of the classic can’t miss solutions. Whether your sunroom is an additional living space or just big enough to hold your hot tub, its décor should reflect your personal style. With a little planning and thought, you’ll create the room of your dreams. Check back with us for more sunroom decorating ideas.

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