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5 Sunroom Decorating Ideas for Your Home

June 09, 2022 Categories: Home Renovation Tips Sunrooms

Three Season Room

In this post you will learn …

  • Tips for decorating a sunroom
  • How to determine your decorating taste
  • Which type of sunroom best fits your needs

5 Simple Ideas to Decorate Your Sunroom Easily and Flawlessly

1. Choose furniture that suits the use of the space.

The first thing you should do before decorating your sunroom is determine how you want to use your new space. Will it be your new entertainment area, added dining space or a room for plants? The answer to this question can be a singular intention, or perhaps your new sunroom will serve more than one purpose.

Once you've determined what you’ll use the space for, it's important to find durable furniture. Choosing fade-resistant fabrics will help preserve your furniture investment. Also try to avoid using leather in your sunroom, as leather will fade, dry and crack quickly without proper leather moisturizing maintenance.

Sunroom Outside and Inside Furniture

Wicker furniture is always a great option for sunrooms because it's sustainable and durable. And should it ever get damaged, wicker and rattan can be easily repaired. And, if you ever get bored with the pattern or color of your cushions, you can pick up new ones for a whole new look!

2. Know your design style.

Recognizing your personal design tastes or “style” is always helpful when picking out items for your sunroom. A design style can be categorized into traditional, modern or trendy. Knowing your preference on the spectrum of design styles is helpful for decorating your sunroom with flare, function and purpose.

Modern light blue Sunroom sofa with a side table

If you want your sunroom to be an extension of your home, a modern design style might right for you. Monochromatic and minimal furnishings help your sunroom to blend seamlessly with your house. A trendy design style is all about colorful and bold patterns, allowing you to express your personality without worrying about the flow of design from your house to your sunroom. Finally, a traditional design is identified by its use of symmetry. For example, if you have a couch, you'll want to make sure that it's flanked with end tables on both sides, and not just one. A traditional design takes advantage of classic furnishings to create a tailored look.

Once you identify your design style, you can start to formulate a plan as to what kind of furniture, accessories, colors, and patterns you want to use in the design of your sunroom.

3. Make it your own.

Making a sunroom your own is all about adding your personality to it. Decorating with artwork, pillows and accent furniture are all great ways to add personal touches to a space. They are not only inexpensive, but also help to create a cozy and comforting atmosphere.

Sunroom sofa set with a coffee table and decorated with a blue carpet

Always remember that just as in your home, your sunroom may require some sort of storage furniture too. Whether it's a coffee table that can store cushions or an ottoman that holds blankets, you'll want to make sure that you have plenty of room for storage.

4. Draperies, rugs, textiles...and more!

There is no better way to add color and brighten up a sunroom than with rugs, pillows and draperies. They are great design enhancers and incredibly functional as well.

You should start your decorating transformation by adding drapes or blinds. You can go with anything from sheer panels to room-darkening curtains to blinds.

Sunroom blue furniture design

If your sunroom isn't carpeted, you may want to bring in a rug for more design and floor protection. Since you might be using it to wipe off your feet after being outside, consider purchasing an outdoor rug. These rugs are also fade and mildew-resistant and great for a screen room that has the potential to get humid or wet. If you have a climate-controlled four-season or traditional sunroom, you most likely could use any indoor rug for the space.

Pillows are great accents for couches and chairs and are comfy additions to your furniture. Adding accent pillows or new wicker furniture cushions can help create your desired sunroom design style. You can also find large stuffed ottomans called poufs in bold patterns and classy solids that are both fun and functional.

An inviting sunroom decorated with a sofa, plush throw pillows and potted plants and flowers.

5. Don't forget about the reason you added a sunroom.

Like millions of homeowners, you probably decided to add a sunroom because you wanted to enjoy your natural surroundings. That's why it may be helpful to bring some of those outdoor elements into your sunroom. Plants add life to any room, but they especially help the transition from a sunroom to an indoor room. Both large potted trees and small potted plants can add color to your sunroom.

Another reason many homeowners want a sunroom is to add space to their house at a small expense. If that’s the case, a screened-in porch is an ideal way to do this at a low cost. But remember, when the weather turns cool, you won’t be able to use the room.

Screen Room decorated with red sofa

If you have a screened-in room and want to use it primarily for watching TV or entertainment, you may want to consider converting it to a three-season room. The glass of a three-season room will provide better protection for your electronics and, if you choose insulated glass, you can extend the use of your room into the cooler months. For help with deciding which addition is right for you, learn more about the differences between screen rooms and three-season rooms. Our experts can help you choose the right sunroom for you. Request your free, in-home estimate. You can also call us at 800-230-8301 to get started.

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