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Decorating Your Porch in Winter

January 06, 2015 Categories: Home Renovation Tips

In this post, you'll learn ...

  • When you can decorate your porch
  • Which accessories to use to achieve a whimsy feel
  • How to style your porch or enclosed patio

winter door decorationsSeasonal décor will make your home feel more welcoming all year round. Decorating your home has a wonderful impact during the gloomy winter months when our souls are hungry for color and visual interest. Decorating the porch in winter can seem daunting, especially if you live in a cold climate where it’s impossible to keep outdoor plants alive from November through March. Don’t worry about that though, even without live plants there many options to choose from depending on the type of porch you have and what inspires you.

An Open Outdoor Porch

No matter what time of year, a porch is a natural extension of your home and sets the stage for the welcoming ambiance found inside. It is important to strive for a look that feels inviting, warm and cozy. Of course, winter holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day will provide inspiration, but what about that long stretch of gray, gloomy weather from the first of January through March?

Winter gear like wooden sleds, antique skis and snowshoes are always appropriate. You can decorate these items for holidays by adding a wreath and holiday accents, then simply remove those items once the holiday season has passed. A simple grapevine wreath wrapped with greenery, twine or natural-fiber ribbon is perfect for the front door in winter. It can be enhanced with themed accents or just left in a more natural state.

winter porch decorating ideasDon’t leave your planters looking bare all winter. It’s easy to add pinecones, evergreen sprigs and bare branches just by pushing them into the soil of your flower boxes and planters before the soil freezes; pinecones can be wrapped with floral wire affixed to floral picks and inserted into your planter. You can add festive additions for holiday seasons and remove them leaving the natural greens, pinecones, berries and branches throughout the winter season. If you live in a colonial era home, consider adding single electric candles in each window on either side of your door; they add a touch of period interest and brighten the home through long winter nights.

For an All Season Room or Sunroom

If you have an enclosed porch that you use year-round, you can also change the decorations during the winter months. Actually, you have more options!

You can decorate with a free standing fireplace or electric stove, blankets and throws, plush pillows and winter inspired decor that mirrors the landscape. Or, you can take the opposite tack and make this room a tropical getaway by using tropical prints for furniture cushions, pillows and slipcovers to capture the look. Fun, tropical style wall decor and table top accents will add color and whimsy to your room. Themes can go in many directions depending on your decorating style; for example, you might like a tropical beach theme or a casual surf shack look. Or you might like the retro vibe found in old Florida bungalow style. If you want something simple and clean, white cottage furniture and simple textural accents like sisal rugs and vintage fabrics are easy to find. If you like traditional style, go with dark wood furniture and English country accents to create the look of a classic conservatory. The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your porch and a little inspiration and effort goes a long way in brightening up the gloomy days of winter.

If you’re not able to take advantage of your open porch during the colder months, consider enclosing your porch or patio with an all season sunroom, from Patio Enclosures. Talk with one of our experts today for a free, no obligation quote.

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