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Top Reasons to Add a Home Addition

extend your home with a sunroom addition

In this post, you'll learn ...

  • Tips on adding a room
  • Pros and cons of room additions
  • Things to watch out for

Top reasons to add a home addition to your home.Since your home is your biggest single investment, home improvements can add to its value. Any money you spend there is normally recouped in the form of equity. The housing market has not fully recovered and many homeowners who wanted to sell their home and move on are now stuck in a place that’s too small for their growing family. Combine those two facts and you’ve got the perfect reasons to embark on a home addition project.

Top Reasons to Add a Room

If your home is feeling a bit cramped, then a new addition can be a great solution. People add rooms on to their home for many other reasons:

  • Offers a specialized place for hobbies and entertainment
  • Can be used as a home office
  • Give one of your children their own private bedroom
  • Expand your living space
  • Avoid the stress and expense of moving

Many times we get very comfortable in a particular neighborhood. You probably know where all the best stores and restaurants are. Moving means you’re going into a strange area that may or may not offer the same amenities and conveniences. Relocating comes with a long list of headaches and issues.

Eliminating the Stress

Though adding a room can also be stressful, there are ways to minimize the muss and fuss. The most important thing is to make sure you hire a reputable contractor to do the work that comes highly recommended and guarantees all work. Get everything in writing so both of you fully understand the scope of work and the prices agreed upon.

Many homeowners have learned the hard way not to do business with new contractors or unfamiliar builders. Ask around town! Be sure to do your homework and never work with a company you know nothing about. Established businesses who guarantee all their work will stand behind the construction and do a good job for you and your family.

Growing Families, Changing Needs

Learn the benefits of adding a home addition.The needs of an average family will change over the years. When the kids are small, you may not have the budget for a big house, but as they grow and your income increases, families often want a larger home. Once you have the money, you may want to build your dream kitchen or a larger master bath. Sometimes it’s hard to decide between selling your home and just adding the space you need to make your current space more comfortable.

Home Addition Ideas

Enhance the beauty of your home with a sunroom or solarium. This is the type of room that adds a number of important things. A solarium can be a wonderful place for all your plants. Your dog and/or cat will love sleeping in the warm sunshine and it’s an awesome place for your family to take a nap as well. Remember that home enhancements add value and even if you do decide to sell eventually, you can ask a much higher price.

For more home design ideas, visit our photo gallery. We provide top to bottom room additions that can give you the room to grow and add value to your property. Contact us today to learn more about our home addition options and to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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