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Ranch House Additions: Taking Your Home to the Next Level

If you live in a ranch house, chances are it was built between the 1950s and 1960s. So, you might be looking to renovate or add an addition to your ranch home now that it may be getting cramped or dated. One of the great ranch house addition options you have is a sunroom. During a ranch house remodel, you’ll usually find that interior updates are continually popping up. With sunrooms though, you don’t have to worry about updating the features for years to come because of the timeless windows and architecture.

With a sunroom, you can take advantage of a gorgeous view; you can get a little closer to nature, and bring in a great deal of natural light. A sunroom can help you expand and update your home’s living space, with a great selection of room types.

Adding a Sunroom to Your Ranch House

ranch home with sunroom

Ranch houses differ from each other, but also share distinct common elements. For example, many of these houses are single story. They tend to have attached garages or carports, and many of them feature vaulted ceilings. They tend to be open, rectangular or L-shaped. Some of them are even U-shaped. Many of them have large eaves as well.

Ranch houses generally have two stand-out features that make sunroom additions a great idea. First, they often have large windows. This style means that a sunroom, which also features large windows, will flow well with the rest of the house. Second, many ranch homes feature patios, and will often have glass doors leading to this outdoor space. This makes adding a sunroom very easy since contractors can simply enclose your patio, by building on this existing foundation. You can leave the patio doors in place, or you can replace them with interior doors that match the rest of your décor.

If your ranch house does not have a patio, don’t worry! You can still add an addition. The type of sunroom that you will want will depend on your climate and your budget. For example, you have three season rooms and all season rooms. All season rooms feature insulated windows (among other features) that allow you to use the room year round and are climate controlled. If you live in a cold climate or a hot one, you might want to consider an all season sunroom so that you can enjoy the view year round. Three season rooms are designed to be used in the spring, summer, and fall. They are energy efficient and they are ideal for moderate climates or for anyone who wants to enjoy the view when the weather is nice.

This is where you start, but you should know that there are many customizable options when it comes to building a sunroom. You can choose from a variety of glass types, frames, and roof options to create the ranch addition that suits your style and budget.

Sunroom Addition Ideas

solarium on ranch house

So you’ve decided on an addition, but this may be the first time you are considering a sunroom. Sunrooms and solariums are just as much of a home addition as the traditional dry wall addition that you may be looking into. The primary difference is the large amount of sunlight you will get through your customized windows, and the view that comes standard with a sunroom – those which you won’t get with a traditional set of windows.

If you’re wondering how you can expand your home’s living space to make it more comfortable, but you’re not sure how to reassign the purpose of each room, you could start by considering what you would like the sunroom addition to be utilized for.

One popular idea includes using your sunroom as a breakfast room. With all the natural light that a sunroom has to offer, it’s the perfect place to wake up and enjoy your morning paper. You can also use your sunroom as an entertainment space, a place to read, a place to exercise or even a children’s playroom for growing families.

Since most ranch houses are single story houses, adding a sunroom is a relatively easy affair. Sunrooms can even be added onto multistory houses. If you have added a sunroom to your ranch house, leave a comment below and tell us how you use yours. If you are interested in adding a sunroom to your ranch house, learn more with a free consultation and estimate.

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