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How to Convert a Deck to a Screened Porch

Blog Post Updated on: May 31, 2022.

Convert a deck to screen room photo

In this post, you will learn…

  • The benefits of a screened-in porch.
  • The steps you need to take before you begin your screen room project.
  • How a screen room will expand the use of your patio or deck.

Things to Consider When Converting Your Deck into a Screened-in Porch

Screened in Porch Picture

Do you wish you could get more use out of your deck? Patios are a beautiful space to rest, read, or enjoy a meal; unless it’s too hot, too windy, too rainy, or there are too many bugs! If you’d like to improve your outdoor space, consider converting your deck into a screened-in porch. Screen rooms extend the use of your deck or patio and create a versatile space for you and your family to enjoy together.

The Benefits of a Screened-in Porch

There are numerous benefits to turning your deck into a screen room, including increasing the value of your home and protecting you and your family from the elements.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Screen Room with Hot Tub

Converting your uncovered deck to a screened-in porch can increase the value of your home. A deck can only be used if the weather permits, while a screen room is more versatile and appealing. If you do plan on selling your home in the future, this feature will also appeal to a large number of buyers. Keep in mind, however, that a screened-in porch will not add to the square footage of your home. Usually, when you are looking at a home’s square footage, you are looking at the gross living area. This includes the rooms in the house that are above grade, heated, cooled, and ventilated. This usually does not include garages, basements, or screened porches.

Protection from the Elements

A deck typically does not have a roof, so you are at the mercy of the wind, sun, and rain. With a screened-in porch, you are protected from the sun and can often use the space when it’s raining, as long as the weather isn’t severe. Although a screen room isn’t made to be heated or cooled, you can still enjoy the passing breeze on temperate days. With a screened-in porch, you’ll also be able to enjoy the outdoors without the nuisance of bugs. Pesky insects can put a damper on your outdoor festivities, especially if they are biting you! A screened-in porch allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without having to worry about any insects ruining your fun.

Screen Rooms, Screen Enclosures Picture

Plan For Your Screened-in Porch

Once you’ve decided to add a screened-in porch to your home, there are a few items you’ll want to check off your list.

  1. Check the Foundation. One of the first things that need to be inspected is your foundation. To create a screened porch, you will need to add a roof, which will add weight to the deck’s foundation and support structure. Make sure that the foundation is solid and fix any deteriorating pieces. If you don’t know how to do this, you should consult a contractor before starting your project.
  2. Decide on a screen room size. Whether you want to do this yourself or hire a contractor, creating a building plan will be a crucial step of your screen room project. You don’t want to be halfway through your project and realize that you want to do something differently. This will cost you time and money. Start by considering how large you want your screened-in porch to be. Will you expand on an existing deck, or work with the space provided? Expanding the deck’s square footage will cost more, but it may be a good idea if your current deck is old, unsafe, or needs extensive remodeling.
  3. Know What You Want. Take the time to do your research and discover all your options for screened-in porches. For example, are you a big griller? If so, you should plan for a screen room that has an attached deck where you can keep your grill. This way, people can relax on the screened porch while you’re flipping burgers outside.

    Do you want to have lights on your porch? What about a sound system or a TV? If so, you’ll need to have the porch wired. How much furniture do you want the porch to have? If you have a large family, you should make sure there is room for everyone. Do you want a bar? Do you want that bar to have a sink? What about a mini-fridge? If you plan for these details from the beginning, you’ll avoid wasting time and money trying to incorporate them later.
  4. Is Your Structure up to Code? If you plan to add lights, a fan, or other electrical elements, you will usually have to consult with a licensed electrician or contractor in order to stay within code permits. It’s a good idea to get a professional involved, especially if plumbing or electricity isn’t your day job. You can easily find information on your county’s construction permits online.
  5. Consider Your Budget. Lastly, before you get started, consider your budget. You should do this before you start pricing out materials and labor, so you don’t spend outside of your means. Next, request a consultation with a local contractor to see if you’re able to afford a screened-in porch. Patio Enclosures® is dedicated to helping you achieve your home improvement goals; that’s why we offer financing options in order to make your dreams come true.

Convert Your Deck to a Screen Room With Patio Enclosures

Converting your deck into a screen room is a big project and one that many people do not feel comfortable taking on themselves. If you find yourself needing more help, seek out a good contractor or experienced sunroom company for expert advice. Patio Enclosures is an experienced company that can help you transform your dreary old deck into a new screen room. We design, manufacture, install, guarantee, and service each of our screen rooms, making your project pain-free and seamless for you and your family. Contact us today or fill out our online form to schedule your free, in-home estimate.

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