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Spring Porch Decorating Ideas

June 24, 2014 Categories: Home Renovation Tips

Blog Post Updated on: April 19, 2019

In this post, you'll learn ...

  • How to decorate your porch to add curb appeal.
  • Color ideas for decorating your outdoor space.

Decorate your porch with hanging potted plants.Spring is in the air, and with the blooming flowers and warmer weather comes the opportunity to sit on your porch and enjoy the fresh air. Whether you are sipping lemonade on your screened-in porch or waving to neighbors from yourdeck, you’ll probably want to spruce up your home with fun and colorful decorations that denote the change of season. Here are a few spring porch decorating ideas to get you started.

Think Flowers

We all know its spring when those first few blooms break through the ground after winter’s hibernation, so use these colorful – and beautiful – stems of nature to liven up your porch.

Vases don’t have to be . . . vases! While we tend to think of displaying spring flowers in the typical glass vase (which, by the way, works well, too), you can get creative with your vase and make it part of the display as well. For example, add a pump, and create a water feature.

potted plantShort, wide barrels used as planters on a rustic front porch tie in the country feel. If the barrel is dark in hue, choose lighter blooms so they stand out. Tin pails and buckets can be matched (or mismatched, if you prefer) on the porch, creating focal pieces on the floor, table or even on a bookshelf – check out our stacked wooden crate shelf idea below. Decorate these metal tins with vintage stickers or stencils, which can be purchased at your local craft store. Monogram your family’s initials on the largest tin, or spell out the name of each type of flower on the face of the pails.

Want a neat way to display those petals on your front porch? Place your pot down into a colorful rain boot.. For a vintage feel, look for tins such as these, or go super creative with a vase that looks like a piece of art, such as this cute bird.

Color it Up

Flowers show us spring is blossoming, and pops of color bring the season to life. Bring your porch to life along with it by tossing a little color into the mix. We turned to Pantone to find the top hot hues for spring 2019, which include neutrals as well as a variety of deep, rich colors like fiesta, turmeric, and princess blue.

To incorporate color into your porch this spring, first determine your porch’s personality. Is it a relaxing area where you kick your feet back, or is it a vibrant space normally filled by people and laughter? Do you like a rustic feel, or is vintage more your style? Defining the space will help you make the correct color choices as you accessorize.

Start small. Just a few new throw pillows in this spring’s hot color, jester red, can set your couch or chairs on fire (not literally, of course!). Choose pillows with a floral design in a vibrant freesia if your porch is a place you go to let loose, or try a geometrical design in one of this season’s softer pastel shades, such as sweet lilac, if you crave a more peaceful retreat.

If you use your porch as a place to dine, decorate your table to create a focal point. Glass bottles in romantic violet tulip can be gathered together as a centerpiece, while hand-painted mason jars, such as these, can be used for vases (as shown) or can work equally well for holding utensils and napkins. Plates in the electric cayenne hue will make your tabletop pop, while tins that can be filled with condiments or after dinner mints and chocolates. (You can make these on your own using tin cans and paper, so not only are they cute, but they are inexpensive as well.)

Front Porch Fun

Decorate your front porch. If you are looking for a way to add curb appeal to your home, a few spring decorations on your porch can do just that. Along with some of the ideas above, try the following.

  • Keep your gardening tools together in one spot, such as a divided wooden container. Gloves might go in one compartment, and a small shovel might fit inside another.
  • Stack wooden crates on top of each other to create a shelving unit, open side facing out toward the road. Use the interior shelves for accents such as tin pails and use the top of the shelving unit as a table between two chairs.
  • Wreaths always add flair to the front door, but you might also consider displaying a hanging vase with fresh flowers there as well.

Need more inspiration for decorating your porch? Check out our sunroom decorating ideas post to get your creative juices flowing.

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