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Summer Patio and Porch Décor Ideas for Your Home

August 07, 2016 Categories: Home Renovation Tips

Three Season Room Sunroom

In this post, you will learn…

  • How to add aesthetic appeal to your home during the warmer summer months
  • How a Patio Enclosures® sunroom allows you to enjoy your outdoor space, free of insects
  • How to make a sunroom more comfortable for your guests

There’s nothing better than relaxing on your porch while relishing the clean, fresh air during the warmer summer months. A sunroom can add square footage and value to your home, while providing space for entertaining.

If you’re having guests in your home this summer, why not add some personal touches to your outdoor space? Whether it’s a front porch, screen room or sunroom, make it the ideal getaway and safe haven for your guests by trying out these outdoor decorating ideas.

Three Season Room Sunroom Patriotic Decorations

1. Patriotic Decor

Summer is the perfect time to incorporate patriotic elements into your outdoor and indoor décor. Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day often involve get-togethers and outdoor activities. If you’re planning to host an event at your house, be sure to decorate your sunroom, patio or other outdoor spaces with red, white and blue décor. You can even add a few vintage accessories as part of your outdoor decoration.

Here are some additional patio and porch décor ideas to consider:

  • Plant American flags in your planters, or gather a few brightly-colored red, white and blue flowers and plant them along your walkway.
  • Purchase a few red chairs, add some striped cushions and toss on some star-studded pillows for that patriotic appeal!
  • Decorate your sunroom, patio furniture or gazebo with red, white and blue lights. Hang up some stars and stripes oriental lanterns for an added special touch.

Patio and Porch Colorful decoration

2. Play with Bright Colors

It’s summer, which means it’s time for fun and excitement! For a seasonal transformation, put some bright-colored pillows on your outdoor furniture to create a summertime feel. You can also use this decorating idea on your porch or sunroom as well.

Three Season Room Sunroom Insect Repeller

3. Repel Insects

Your outdoor space is a great place to relax and entertain family and friends on a warm summer evening. However, sometimes a good time can be disrupted by insects! Consider these outdoor decorating ideas to help repel these nuisances.

  • Adding a sunroom or screen room from Patio Enclosures can keep insects out, which allows you to enjoy those warm summer nights without being invaded by unwelcomed guests. Enjoy worry-free entertaining and keep your guests comfortable with an addition from Patio Enclosures.
  • Repelling flowers such as Calendula and Marigolds don’t just boost your home’s curb appeal; they can keep mosquitos and other flying insects away.
  • You can change your outdoor lights from the typical white bulb to colors like yellow or sodium vapor lights. Bugs are less likely to be attracted to these lights.

4. Make Your Guests Comfortable

If you’re having family or a few friends over this summer, you’ll want to ensure they have a comfortable stay. A sunroom can make a great guest room for family and friends. Keep in mind that everyone has different preferences and personalities, so be sure to consider privacy options. Installing drapes, blinds and other window coverings can make your guests feel more comfortable. You’ll also want to make sure your outdoor spaces have adequate and comfortable seating. Make your guests feel at home by adding a few seasonal accessories, such as quilts or knit blankets to the area, so your guests can remain warm and cozy during a chilly night.

Sunroom Decorated with White Wicker Furniture and Pastel Fabric

5. Add Sunroom Furniture

Summer is a season that calls for relaxing in the sun. To make the most out of your sunroom or porch during this time, add some stylish and comfortable sofas, sun loggers, and armchairs. Adding a sofa-bed to the extra space allows for friends and family to stay longer. Add these ideas to your list of outdoor porch and patio décor ideas to make the most out of this summer season.

Thinking about an addition from Patio Enclosures? A sunroom is a great option for adding square footage, aesthetic appeal and value to your home. If you’re ready to start planning your custom sunroom, request a free design consultation online or call us at 800-230-8301.

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