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Sunrooms with Fireplaces: Ideas & Pictures

March 07, 2013 Categories: Planning Your Sunroom Sunroom Additions Sunrooms

Most sunroom lovers have sunrooms because they adore light and nature. Personally, I can’t seem to ever get enough of either one. I spend most of my time in our sunroom, which is appropriately surrounded with glass walls to let it all in, while I loll around in its splendor. When we installed our bio-ethanol floating fireplace, winter became my favorite season.

Thinking about giving yourself the magical gift of a fireplace right inside your sunroom? Take a look at the ideas below, and you’ll want to rush right out and bring home the flames!

The Complete Sunroom: Sun, Stars & Flames

Embedded ceiling lighting, multiple skylights, wall-to-wall glass, and a gorgeous fireplace provide a tribute to light in this sunroom.

There are many types of sunroom fireplaces, so choose wisely. From floor-to-ceiling, traditional wood-burning beauties to ultra-sleek, environmentally friendlier ones, you’ll have plenty of options. Be conscious of the fact that your fireplace will become a focal point in your sunroom. And do your research before you run out the door to shop. Hiring an experienced contractor who understands the building codes specific your area is important as well.

Large, traditional fireplace in a sunroom

Large, traditional fireplaces can do just as well in your sunroom as your living room. Just be sure they don’t upstage. The big white fireplace above, with its large mantle and floor-to-ceiling blocks works well because the contrasting, darker color triangles that surround it balance its visual weight. This space makes for an ideal entertaining room or a quiet space to enjoy a book or just watch the glorious view.

Simple sunroom fireplace in a solarium.

If you’re serious about your stars and sunlight, and want to be warm without letting your sunroom fireplace take over the show, choose an unassuming little number like this one.


A pretty stovepipe fireplace in a small sunroom

Smaller sunrooms naturally do better with smaller fireplaces. This attractive, small workhorse emits lots of warmth and glowing heat and features a window into its stovepipe “oven” where the flames are dancing.

A magnificent, classic fireplace surrounded by glass

This lovely classic fireplace has been placed in the center of the room and is framed by glass. Its salmon color and matching, lighter-hued background provide the perfect color contrast to the room’s basic green and white palette. The inset skylights arching over the fireplace create a dramatic effect and allow maximum light into the room.

Vented stovepipe fireplace against a natural stone wall

A natural stone mosaic-type wall makes the ideal background for this old-fashioned, updated stovepipe fireplace. A tile platform protects the wood flooring.

We are excellent sources for information and design solutions. We are also experienced with building codes in your area and can help managing the building permit process for your project. Schedule your free estimate with one of our expert representatives today!

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