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Morning Room Ideas- Letting the Beauty In

March 07, 2013 Categories: Home Renovation Tips

morning roomWhen we designed our morning room, I did a little research on it. The term “morning room” came about during the early 1800s, to designate a space used mainly in the morning. These rooms usually had eastern exposures and large windows, to take advantage of the sunlight. (Ours does, too.)

Today, there’s so much crossover between the terms “morning room” and “sun room” that the difference seems to lie only in the way the room’s owner feels about the words “morning” and “sun.” There is definitely a nod to nature involved in both labels, and both morning and sun rooms will often be wrapped in glorious glass.

I don’t know about you, but nothing brings me closer to nature than kicking back in my morning room. There, I’m surrounded by windows that let me take in the beauty outside, but protect me from the elements at the same time.

Especially during the winter, there’s a tendency to go deep inside the house, turn on all the lights, and pretend that nothing cold and stormy is happening outside. My morning room time is too important to me to do that, so I’ve figured out some tricks to make the space inviting, whether during the heat of the summer or the bleak midwinter.

Making friends with your morning room

morning room with fireplace

  • Climate control. Ya gotta have it. And if your morning room has lots of windows, the ambient temperature is even more crucial there than in the rest of the house. Certainly, a thermostat, a ceiling fan, and A/C are the standard ploys that work. I checked into earth-friendly bio ethanol fireplaces, and instantly fell in love and brought one home to live in my morning room. Did you know that, while these contemporary beauties give off the same warming flame as a wood- or gas-burning fireplace, they emit no toxins, work on sustainable green fuel, and produce zero smoke, ash, or soot? No electricity or vents are required. They’re completely portable too, so we can even move it from the morning room to the patio and plunk it down on a table. The one I got keeps me company as it warms me and brings an ever-changing vitality to our morning room.
  • Lighting’s important. Enough lighting, strategically placed, will enliven a room even on the dreariest days. Don’t forget the dimmers, for total creative control. Often, I’ll turn on every light in my morning room if the day is grey. It’s infinitely helpful in being able to enjoy our magnificent countryside just beyond the glass walls. Rather than feeling defeated by a blanket of snow, I now see it as a photo op!
  • Window treatments. Blinds, curtains, shades, and other types of window treatments are perhaps the easiest way to make friends with your morning room, especially if it’s heavy on the windows, like mine is. Your decisions here can add flair to the décor and even change the hue of the interior lighting, so choose carefully!
  • Color me happy! Any time of the day or year, a morning room will benefit from a well-placed splash of color. Choose a bright, trendy accent color to liven up the space. You can use things like throw pillows, throw rugs, fabric wall hangings, fresh flowers, and a showy living plant or two.

sunroom blinds

After I made the above ideas into a reality, I found that I could truly enjoy my little morning room any time of the day or night, not just during the mornings. Patio Enclosures has lots of great ideas for your morning room or sunroom. And free estimates, too.

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