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Metal Framed Screen Rooms: Choosing the Right One for You

Do you love the great outdoors? If you do, you should consider bringing the outside in with a metal framed screen room. These rooms allow you to see the scenery that surrounds your home, cabin, or beach house while protecting you from the elements. A screen room lets the breeze in while providing you with a pleasant, shady place to relax.

In addition to metal framed screen rooms, you have a number of other options including sunrooms and solariums. Before you pick the room that you want, however, you should choose the right manufacturer. Patio Enclosures is an experienced company that offers a number of options that can fit your style, your needs, and your budget.

Screen Rooms

screen room with metal frame

Screen rooms are metal framed rooms enclosed with aluminum screens that do not feature glass, making them the perfect option for a breezy and airy outdoor extension that is free from bugs and debris. Many people add a new screen room to their house, but there is also a cost effective option to convert an existing porch into a screen room. These rooms are a great addition to nearly any home, especially those in temperate climates—as you will mostly use them when the weather permits. Patio Enclosures’ screen rooms feature 3-inch aluminum framing, making them sturdy and durable. Other benefits include multiple roof options including glass panels, door and window options and a variety of frames colors to choose from.


Sunrooms are another option, and they are similar to metal framed screen rooms, but they feature glass windows with screens instead of just screens. If you want to enjoy your sunroom nearly all year, this is a good choice. Sunrooms from Patio Enclosures feature 4 1/4-inch vinyl or aluminum framing and offer many of the custom features available with screen rooms.

The Benefits of Metal Framed Screen Rooms

Adding a metal framed screen room to your home increases its value and appeal. It also provides you with a comfortable, breezy place to relax and enjoy the scenery. When you have a screen room, you do not have to worry about running from wasps or slapping at mosquitoes. The screens also protect your room from debris such as leaves. This helps keep the area clean and makes it the perfect retreat even on windy days. Certain roof options from Patio Enclosures help insulate your screen room, making it comfortable in warm and cool weather. All of these benefits make screen rooms a wonderful addition to any home.

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