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Sunroom Windows Options & Ideas

Selecting sunroom windows is more important than you may think. The entire room is composed of windows, and each should match the scale and design of your home. As a home addition, you want your sunroom to be a smooth transition both externally and internally. The following examples demonstrate how your sunroom can be custom tailored to any existing space.

Sleek Lines

This example showcases a single slope roof solarium option. The solarium addition matches the home’s line structure using straight, clean lines for the window panels and roof. A bronze color option matches the exterior trim of the home’s existing exterior, in addition to complimenting the exterior wall’s finish color. The third option chosen for this addition is the tinted glass which provides extra shading and UV protection while reducing heat gain.

solarium options

Sunroom Window Wall

Sometimes you want a space that seamlessly ties into the backyard amenities to the home. In this case you can opt for the front panel sunroom windows and doors. This option allows various entry points and full length window panels so you have an unobstructed view. Another option you can choose is the color of the exterior frame. Choosing different colors can help achieve the look you desire- beige for a camouflaged look, or white for more of a crisp finish.

sunroom windows

Sunroom Window Sizes

You will also notice the sunroom window options for size. The dimensions in a Patio Enclosure sunroom are custom to your home’s scale and size. Patio Enclosures will custom create the window panel size up to 1/8”. Included in the customization is your choice of width and height. If you’re looking for a series of narrow windows for an architectural statement, or you want a span of windows for an undisturbed view of the outdoors, we can custom create the sunroom you choose.

sunroom window options

Sunroom Blinds

Sunroom window treatments also vary. Displayed below are vertical blinds. This option is versatile in how much privacy or light you want accessible to the room. With vertical blinds, you can completely pull them to the side to expose the full window or keep them expanded and adjust the amount of light available. This is a good option for those who may want to use the sunroom as a guest room or those who would like to use electronics on a sunny day.

sunroom blinds

A sunroom or solarium is a wonderful addition to your home, as it gives you so many choices. Contact a representative in your design center for a free consultation – you can learn more about window treatments, frame choices and sunroom window options.

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