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Modern Home Addition

In this post, you’ll learn…

  • What a traditionally-framed sunroom is
  • Traditionally-framed sunroom (room addition) vs. standard sunroom

Modern Home Addition – The Traditionally-Framed Sunroom

If you are interested in adding a modern home addition with studs and drywall, but you like the abundant light and open feel of a standard sunroom, you may want to consider a traditionally-framed sunroom addition.

What is a Traditionally-Framed Sunroom?

Traditionally-Framed Sunrooms

Standard sunrooms (often referred to as patio enclosures or porch enclosures) are seasonal or year-round rooms added to an existing home. Most standard sunrooms are manufactured using aluminum or structurally- reinforced vinyl frames and give homeowners additional, usable square footage. The walls of these rooms are comprised mostly of glass and screen and offer maximum views of the outdoors.

A traditionally-framed sunroom (also known as a traditional room addition with lots of windows) takes these comforts and blends them with the luxury of traditional construction through the use of wood, drywall and insulation. This means you can carry the same building materials throughout your home with the added beauty that comes with open views and extra light.

Great Day Improvements, exclusive makers of Patio Enclosures® brand sunrooms and Stanek® brand vinyl windows, specialize and manufacture a wide range of standard sunrooms, but can also build traditionally-framed sunrooms using either our Patio Enclosures glass wall systems or our Stanek brand vinyl windows. Because we custom design and custom make both product lines, we can add as many windows in just about any configuration as you want to open up the space and bring the outside in. You dream it and we make it and create the space of your dreams.

Things to consider when designing your traditionally-framed sunroom

Type of room

The type of room you choose for your traditionally-framed sunroom will depend on several existing factors:

  • Location of addition
  • Size of sunroom
  • Your specific need for additional space

If the addition will be created off of an existing kitchen, the room may best be used as extra living or dining space. If the placement is off of a living room, you may be able to use the sunroom as a bedroom. We can incorporate the modern space and décor you have now with the traditionally-framed sunroom through our many options of glass, colors and window styles.

Vinyl window options

Once you know the type of modern room you plan to build and how you plan to use it, we can help you select the color, size and type of windows you want to use in your new space. We only use Stanek Windows for our rooms because Stanek Window are custom-made precisely for you and offer some of the best structural and thermal ratings in the industry, not to mention we make them in our own factory. Stanek Windows come in a variety of styles and we can mix and match these windows to create a space perfect for your needs.

Double-hung windows are available in a wide variety of colors, and tilt-in sashes allow you to open both the upper and lower sashes, making them easier to clean and allowing the breeze to flow through your new space.

Casement and awning windows are a popular choice because they are so energy efficient. These windows offer simple lines, and they open to a 90-degree angle, which allows for excellent air flow through your room and easy cleaning.

Sliding windows give a room a clean and elegant look; ours are available in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Bay and bow windows make ideal window seats or just a beautiful room focal point. Most bay and bow windows have a fixed window for the center and casement or double-hung side windows for maximum airflow. Mix and match to create the perfect window for your home.

Fixed and custom shaped windows are ideal for spaces in which a lot of light is desired but are not conducive for opening and closing. High foyer windows over doorways or second-story great room windows are prime examples. Available in 24 specialty shapes.

All of our Stanek brand window styles come in a variety of standard colors including woodgrain interiors and custom color exteriors. A variety of hardware finishes are also available to match the rest of your home’s hardware.

Glass options

Stanek Windows can be made with a variety of glass options to give you the ability maximize your comfort and lower your heating and cooling costs. To keep the temperature in your new space steady throughout the year while reducing energy costs, our Comfort-Gard® PLUS High-Performance Glass helps to retain and reflect heat, while our triple-pane glass, Comfort-Gard® XTREME High-Performance Glass, earned the highest energy-efficiency rating from Energy Star®.

The sky is the limit

Want to create an even more unique space? Think about tall ceilings. If the rest of your home has lower ceilings than you prefer, this is your opportunity to get the grand feeling that tall ceilings have to offer. Because our rooms are so customizable, you’re able to choose the aesthetics of your existing space, or run in a totally different direction.

Submit your request for a free, in-home consultation with one of America’s most respected home addition specialists. Our professionals will help you get the new room you’ve been waiting for.

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