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Screen Porch Panels for Sunroom Conversion

Blog Post Updated on: June 9, 2022.

White Aluminum Frame Screen Room with Single-Slope Roof

In this post you’ll learn …

  • Reasons for converting a screened porch to a three season room
  • Why screened-in porches can’t always be converted to an all season room
  • How a conversion is done

Screened porches have a long list of benefits for your home. They generally increase the value and allow you and your guests to enjoy the outdoors bug-free. However, they do have their limitations. For example, since screened porches are vulnerable to the elements, you may only be able to enjoy it between late spring and early fall.

Why Convert?

If you convert your screen porch into a three season room you’ll be able to enjoy it for a good portion of the year. Conversion includes the addition of window panels and glass doors. Not only does conversion allow you to benefit from more natural light, but it will also protect your furniture from inclement weather and minimize outdoor noise from within your room. Plus, if you install window panels you won’t have to worry about the screens getting rips or holes forcing you to repair them.

Four Season Sunroom

Why Not Four Season?

Unfortunately, most screen porches are constructed in a way that makes it impossible to convert to a genuine four season room. Screened porches are built with large open sections covered with screen. Even with the addition of double paned energy efficient windows these open spaces are still there. And with these open spaces there is no room for insulation to buffer the inside from the outside. This means that cold air can travel through any framing material that holds the window panels in place.

Porch Sunroom

How Do Conversions Work?

Conversion from a screened porch to a three season room can be easy, provided that you have the correct materials and experience. However, custom work can be challenging because you have to factor in the dimensions of the framing into the original structures while ensuring that the framing dimensions support a well-designed window layout.

Three Season Sunroom Picture

Screened porches that were installed by enclosure professionals, such as Patio Enclosures, are often made with dimensions that can be converted at a later date. These conversions are made with materials like aluminum framed panels that are made for quick and easy installation.

The Patio Enclosures Option

If your screened porch or screen room was built by Patio Enclosures, we can convert it into a three season room quickly and efficiently. We have a number of options to fit within a range of budgets and design interests. Choose from a variety of glass types and tints. We also have a limited lifetime warranty that covers all manufactured products, including glass and roof panels. Call 800-230-8301 or schedule your FREE in-home estimate today!

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