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Sunrooms with Glass Roofs: Photos & Design Ideas

Did you know that you can stargaze from the comfort of your own home? You don’t even have to go out into the backyard when you have a sunroom with a glass roof. Instead you can relax in comfort while you watch the stars pass overhead. These sunrooms are easy to install, and you can seamlessly add them onto existing structures. These rooms let you get “out” into nature while being protected from the elements.

Check out the following photos to get an idea of how you can incorporate one of these sunrooms into your home!


A hardwood floor, such as you see here, gives the sunroom a finished look. In terms of lighting, lamps are a great idea because they give you light without obscuring your overhead view.

sunroom with glass roof

Breakfast in your sunroom is a great way to wake up each morning, and you can set up a table and chairs like you see here to take advantage of the morning light.

sunroom with glass roof

With all that glass, sunrooms can get pretty warm, but you can keep cool by installing a small air conditioning unit like you see here.


Sunrooms aren’t just for homeowners either! Businesses can cover their patio areas and offer an “outdoor” event space no matter what the weather.

Adding a Sunroom to Your Porch or Deck

You can easily add a sunroom to your porch or deck, and we can work with you to create the perfect sunroom. As you can see here, you can still have an outdoor space in addition to your sunroom.

Sunroom with 1 Inch Thick Double Pane Insulated Glass

At Patio Enclosures we use 1-inch thick, double pane, insulated glass in our glass rooms to make heating and cooling the space as easy as possible.

sunroom with glass ceiling

Even large sunrooms, such as this one, can easily be added onto your home, and because we custom design all of our sunrooms, we can control the angle of your roof and make it quite steep as you see here.

Make your sunroom the star of your home! These rooms are an ideal way to connect with nature. You can take in the beautiful scenery around you without having to worry about the weather, bugs, or the temperature. So, if you want to see shooting stars from the comfort of your very own glass roofed sunroom, you should contact us today to schedule your free in home estimate!