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Using Plants to Complement Your Sunroom Design

Blog Post Updated on: June 9, 2022.

Sunroom with Plants

In this post, you will learn…

  • Types of plants to complement your sunroom
  • Tips for maintaining plants in your sunroom
  • Why a sunroom provides a great space for an indoor garden

Sunrooms are unique additions, as they tend to provide more natural sunlight than any other room in your home. The natural sunlight from a sunroom provides you and your family with a great space to entertain family and friends. Due to the amount of sunlight it can capture, a sunroom can be very versatile. A great way to decorate this space is with plants and flowers, which not only serve as décor for the space, but can also provide a source of fresh, organic herbs and vegetables. In this post, you’ll learn more about how you can create a beautiful indoor sunroom garden to enjoy in your sunroom.

Plants to Complement Your Sunroom

Four Season Sunroom with Plants

An indoor sunroom garden, provides a comfortable space that allows you to enjoy your natural surroundings. Adding plants to a sunroom can bring color and a fresh feeling to your area. Several types of plants can thrive in a sunroom addition or four season room because of the controlled temperature and exposure to sunlight. While potted trees and plants may provide color, keep in mind that all plants require certain upkeep. A three season room also provides a great space for growing plants, but keep in mind you may not be able to grow plants in the room year-round since the temperature isn’t controlled.

That being said, you can choose the plants for your sunroom based on which type of addition you have and how much time you prefer spending on plant maintenance. Common house plants can be forgiving when it comes to the amount of water and light needed, and can thrive on indirect light and sparse water supply, but be aware that overwatering can damage roots. Similarly, flowering plants can bloom beautifully with lowlight, ample water and a room temperature environment.

Plants that require more upkeep often produce beautiful, vibrant shades of color that will certainly make your sunroom bright. These types of plants often require an environment with a more humid temperature. To simulate humidity, frequent water will need to be applied to the leaves; this could easily be done with a spray bottle.

Maintaining Plants and Flowers in Your Sunroom

sunroom gardeningWhether you add your plants to a traditional sunroom, three season or four season room, plants provide great benefits in air quality, as well as pops of color, all with lower maintenance than an outdoor garden. Bringing plants into your indoor sunroom garden and maintaining them indoors involves more than simply watering. Here are some tips to ensure your plants remain alive and thriving in your sunroom:

  • Consider the needs of each plant you plan to bring indoors. Certain plants, like herbs, require abundant sun inside; even more sun than they had outside. Some plants, such as succulents, would rather pass the winter in a cool, well-ventilated indoor spot, unlike the hot, dry area you might assume would be perfect for them.
  • Work to avoid bringing insects into your home. This can be done by spraying down the plant leaves with a mixture of water and small portion of natural soap. Wipe the leaves off with a soft cloth to finish.
  • Think about the environment. Plants are sensitive to quick environment change. It’s recommended that you slowly transition plants into a sunroom by moving them into less exposed areas each day.
  • Know how much water your indoor plants need. Indoor plants can sometimes require more water than usual, while others will just need an occasional spritz. Research the water requirements for each plant in its new enclosed environment.

Growing Vegetables Indoors

planting an herb gardenGrowing food in your own garden is a passion and hobby for some, but it is also a healthy lifestyle trend. A sunroom provides a great space to garden and grow many types of herbs and vegetables, all in the comfort of your own home. With a little time and effort, you can grow fresh, organic produce in your own home. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and onions, along with herbs like parsley and basil, are just some of the many produce items you can grow. While methodologies differ, here are some basic guidelines for gardening indoors:

  • An indoor garden can be any size; even tomatoes can grow on a windowsill, as long as there is an adequate amount of sunlight.
  • Prepare your space before bringing in your vegetable. If you grow your vegetables on a windowsill, be sure to properly prepare the floor below for dripping water.
  • Plants need adequate amounts of light in order to grow to their full potential. While direct sunlight can be natural and beneficial, the winter months may require extra growing light. A sunroom can provide enough light, but grow lights can be used to supplement and are available with different types of bulbs. Be sure to research which light would be right for your plants.

Create an Indoor Sunroom Garden with Patio Enclosures

Interested in learning more about how to plant an herb garden in your sunroom? Read more tips in our previous post.

A Patio Enclosures sunroom can provide extra space in your home for relaxing, entertaining and even gardening. If you’re considering a sunroom addition, be sure to request a free design consultation online, or call us at 800-230-8301.

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