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Ways to Improve Your Home – Outdoor Patio Ideas

Learn how you can improve your home with a patio or screen room.

In this post, you'll learn ...

  • How to improve your backyard living space.
  • Different ideas for adding a patio to your backyard.
  • Thinking about adding a patio or screen room to your home? Contact us today to get a free in-home estimate.

How to Improve Your Home with an Outdoor Patio or Screen Room

How to improve your home with an outdoor patio. As going green is becoming increasingly popular, there is a renewed love for nature, and a yearning to experience indoor comfort in the outdoors. Not all of us have a desire to be rugged hunters and fishermen sitting on stumps of wood near a bonfire, but we also don’t want to be trapped indoors during the summer.

The experts agree that coming up with great patio and screened-in room ideas will help you experience indoor comfort while basking in the graceful beauty and charm of the outdoors.

Here are some patio ideas that will inspire you to get outside this summer and enjoy the aesthetic quality of nature.

There are many great patio designs to choose from.

How to improve your home with an outdoor partioFor example, are you a gardener? You may want to have a patio that offers a respite from the sweat and toil of the garden. Plant a tall tree over your patio and enjoy a break under the calming shade.

Do you want your patio to portray a sense of mystery and privacy? Build a trellis and let a wall of hanging elegant vines shelter you under its flickering shadows.

Do you entertain often? You might want more of an open patio with a wide border, a fire pit and a place to set up a volleyball net. Adding a grill will draw the family, friends and neighbors out and will increase your patio’s popularity. It can be an inviting and tasty addition.

After you have designed your patio to your personality, you want it to be as inviting and comfortable as possible. The idea is to stay outside and enjoy it as long as you can. You can do this with these quick and satisfying patio decorating ideas.

Choose outdoor furniture that fits with nature.

Improve your home with a screened-in room. Don’t bring out an old couch from the basement that will soak up rain and would be impossible to remove in the future. Pick out furniture that is made out of weather-resistant material, like wicker. This way you can move it around easily and leave it outdoors. Add some colorful and durable cushions and you have already increased the allure of your patio.

Now you want to surround your furniture with the sights, and sounds of nature. Flowers are an excellent way to do this. Find your favorite ones; place them in the ground or in containers around your furniture near your patio. The possibilities are endless for flowers, so feel free to be creative here.

Next, add your personal tastes to your patio. Place wind chimes if you appreciate the music they make. Add a bird feeder to draw in local birds and, if you love the sound of a babbling brook, add a fountain to the center of your patio.

If you’d rather enjoy the outdoors with the complete comfort of the indoors, a screened-in room is a fantastic way to do so. The covered room gives you even greater freedom to decorate as you would your living room, while enjoying the outdoors under the protection of stylish screens and nicely painted frames. It’s a great way to have the best of both worlds.

There is a wide range of possibilities of patio and screened-in room designs and decorations to choose from. Enjoy the weather while it is warm and sunny. You can relax in comfort knowing you’ve added value to your home, and it has helped you appreciate nature.

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